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Travel, how did it work again?

At the end of this unusual period of staying at home, we find ourselves with dusty suitcases and expired passports. And if we did book a flight, it is rebooked or even cancelled. Countries open and close their borders in time with the pandemic, and entry, return and certificate regulations vary from country to country and city to city, making even experienced globetrotters' heads spin. Today, we shed some light on the subject, so that you can once again explore the world without a care in the world and your dusty suitcase shines in new splendour. 

All beginnings are hard...

Do you know the feeling of sitting helplessly in front of an empty suitcase? In your head the almost unsolvable question of the right clothes, appropriate footwear and the necessary travelling companions. And how heavy can the suitcase be again?

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Packing a suitcase - What to consider?

Babushka sends her regards!

But what do the Russian wooden dolls have to do with travel? They're the inspiration for the Bag-in-Bag principle, a way to stay organized and pack suitcases in no time. Use practical travel organisers in different sizes, shoe bags and Necessaires for checked luggage; document folders, laptop sleeves and transparent cosmetic bags for hand luggage. Coordinate your travel luggage so that the carry-on suitcase fits into the checked luggage or the handbag fits into the cabin trolley, and nothing will stand in the way of an extensive shopping weekend!

Covid-19 has fundamentally changed travel

With the benefit of making the whole world feel a little cleaner; but also with a number of stipulations that you really need to be aware of before you travel. Because due to the current epidemic situation, every country can change its entry regulations at short notice! Find out in advance from the BAG and the embassy of your destination country about the validity of your certificate, mask or certificate requirements and any quarantine regulations.

The way is the goal

Road trips are a great alternative to air travel. If you don't have a specific destination and let the journey become an experience, you will discover the most beautiful sides of nature, hidden paradises and the one or other spot that has not yet been conquered by mass tourism

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PE Travel

E-cigarette in hand luggage?

Whoever regularly vapes naturally does not want to do without their e-cigarette and the corresponding liquids on holidays. Most airlines allow e-cigarettes to be carried in hand luggage or on the body, but not in checked luggage. See the rules on liquids at L for liquids.

Holidays are important

The loss of spontaneity, the unfamiliar jungle of regulations and the ubiquitous mask may have spoiled many a travel bug. Don't let that put you off. Short breaks are the key to fresh energy! Big budget, small budget, two days or ten days, foreign or domestic - travel broadens our horizons and is enriching for mind and body.

Belt measure 158 cm

This measurement corresponds to the guideline specified by IATA, which determines whether a piece of luggage is classified as checked luggage or excess luggage. It is calculated from the height + width + length of the piece of luggage. Suitcases, backpacks and bags that do not exceed or exactly meet the 158 cm measurement may be checked in as checked baggage.

Hand luggage on a plane - What's allowed?

Carry-on luggage has to meet particularly high standards. It must be handy, lightweight, fit in the hand luggage compartment, have lockable internal compartments, allow bag-in-bag and look smart at the same time. Most airlines allow one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 8 kg, which fits in the overhead compartment, and a personal handbag or backpack to be stowed under the front seat. Our small and extra small cabin trolleys from the Art Collection are the perfect size and can be combined with a stylish leather bag from the Swiss Made collection.

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Hand luggage on the plane - What is allowed?

Trolley Cristal Clear


There are so many beautiful spots on this earth. If you don't know where to go yet, our Magazine Travel tips from Andermatt to South Africa. Join the Pack Easy migratory bird on its virtual journey south and be inspired by the enchanting landscape, picturesque villages and dynamic cosmopolitan cities

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Year after year, the World Travel Awards are presented in the late autumn.

In the category "Europe's Leading Airports", Zurich has been the undefeated leader since 2004. All over the world, airports have long since ceased to be check-in halls and have become places to linger, shop, eat and breathe the air of travel. Incheon International Airport in Korea even hosts classical concerts, Munich Airport invites waiting passengers to stroll through the Christmas market, Dubai International Airport runs its own health club with a pool and express massages, and Singapore Changi Airport has huge green spaces to discover and even its own cinema. For architecture fans, airport hopping is even worthwhile as a holiday of a different kind, because the new airports are real eye-candy made of steel, glass, bamboo and other fine woods.

Packing - here's what you should look out for:

You've already met the Babushka and, of course, the purpose of the trip will determine the contents of your suitcase. However, a few tips apply to all trips, whether short or long, air, rail or car, smaller or XXL suitcases: Stow heavy items like coats, shoes or books at the very bottom of the suitcase and fill the gaps between the bulky items with small items of clothing such as socks or underwear. Towels, toiletries and other items that don't wrinkle easily are suitable for the middle layer. Fill the gaps with handkerchiefs, rolled-up belts or similar items. On top of the bag are easily wrinkled clothes such as shirts, blouses or dresses. It's best to roll them up loosely before packing so they don't wrinkle. Don't forget: The Pack Easy Travel Organizer will protect your clothes from dirt and bruises and make it easier to pack and unpack them at your destination!

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Packing suitcases


The English term for liquids is familiar to every air traveller, as for some years now the carrying of liquids in hand luggage has been restricted to the maximum amount of 1 litre per person in 100 ml vials. The transparent Clear Cosmetic Bags from Pack Easy comply exactly with IATA guidelines and ensure that you can see through your hand luggage. Note: If you are carrying a sustainable water bottle, you are allowed to carry it as long as it does not contain any liquid during the security check! 

Must-sees exist all over the world

Sometimes they are personal in nature, sometimes they come from a travel guide, Instagram or the insider tips of friends or locals. Choose what really appeals to you and let these places take effect on you. If you rush haphazardly from one sight to the next, you'll be ready for your next holiday right after the holidays.

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No way

In check-in luggage include medicines, jewellery and personal items such as IDs, travel documents, credit cards or even braces. Because should a suitcase get lost, these individual items cannot be replaced. The elegant leather handbags and weekender from our Swiss Made are equipped with numerous inner and outer compartments so that you can always carry all your important things with you.

Oversized luggage can be expensive

That's why it's important to consider not only the dimensions of the seatbelts, but also the weight of each piece of luggage. IATA prescribes a weight limit of 23 kg per checked bag, with an upper limit of 32 kg. Excess weight is charged extra per kilo and can quickly become expensive on a long-haul flight. So check the weight of your luggage and your airline's regulations before checking in.

Personalisable suitcases and address holders.

Not only do they make a great gift, but they also ensure a quick recognition effect on the luggage carousel. Let your creativity run wild; whether it's a company logo, initials or your own designs, we'll use airbrush and hand-painting from central Switzerland to turn your ideas into individual suitcases that are as colourful as their wearers.

Personalisable address holder

Quo vadis?

Multi-city travel is one of the supreme disciplines for travellers. The foresighted choice of luggage, means of transport and itinerary decides to a large extent on the comfort and recreational value of the trip. Checklists, climate tables and travel guides in paper or digital form help with travel planning and protect against unpleasant surprises.

Quo vadis?

Roaming fees

Can lead to unpleasant surprises after your holiday, because making phone calls abroad can be very expensive. Therefore, if possible, use Whatsapp, Skype or similar services that are not billed as telephony but as internet use. Deactivate data roaming in the settings and download films, videos or large files only in the WLAN. Use your mobile phone abroad as a city map or navigation device.

As Switzerland's oldest luggage manufacturer, we deliver our suitcases, trolleys and bags from central Switzerland all over the world. We attach great importance to innovation, sustainability and quality from the workshop to individual advice. 100% Swiss service - 100% travel enjoyment!

Swiss Travel Solution

Tablet, e-reader and laptop are indispensable when travelling

- Business or private. To keep your electronic devices protected, our laptop bags and backpacks have padded internal compartments and various external pockets that also keep chargers and headphones safe. Don't forget that an adapter may be needed for charging at your destination, and opt for a travel adapter with USB outlets. This will reduce the number of plugs you need to carry and keep track of your hand luggage.

Pack Easy Girl with Tablet

Our environment:

Even when you're out and about, there are small contributions you can make to sustainability. You can use washable canvas bags for shoes and dirty laundry, wash out zip bags and reuse them, switch from liquid shampoo to solid soap shampoo, repair broken straps and wheels on your suitcase from our Suitcase service, change from disposable masks to high-quality fabric masks and why not spend a few hours walking on the beach and picking up litter.

Closing bags belong in every travel suitcase

They are ideal for transporting opened food packaging or easily leaking products such as shampoo or sunscreen and avoiding an unsightly mess in your suitcase. In addition, these bags are super suitable for separating the still damp swimming trunks from the rest of the dirty laundry, because a last jump into the sea or the hotel pool must still be possible shortly before departure!

Less is more - even on holiday!

Inform yourself in advance about the climate and location of your destination and consider how long you will be away. That way you know what you really need or what you can get locally if necessary. Games are available in travel size, many magazine subscriptions are available on the tablet and real bookworms no longer travel without their e-reader. Take only what you need, choose clothes and shoes that you can mix and match, and pack hand wash just in case.

Healthy on the way!

Health and safety are a focus around the world and have become an integral part of travel preparations. But medically certified masks are anything but eye-catching, let alone sustainable. Opt for a sustainable FeelSafe mask set that is produced locally and fairly in beautiful Lucerne. It consists of a replaceable filter mask with matching case made of delicate cotton, washable reusable filters and a hand disinfectant gel, also Swiss Made and of course in travel format.

YYZ, LAX, ZRH or LHR - true globetrotters speak airport code.

Such is the case with our brightly coloured Collys. True to the motto "Colour Your Journey", you can design your cabin luggage according to your personal preferences: Striped, patterned or in neon colours, the practical rolling suitcases make an extravagant appearance.

Back home

However, back to the daily grind means, unfortunately, unpacking suitcases. But don't forget, the Babushka Principle makes even this unpleasant task easier. And before you stow your luggage away until your next trip, check the wheels, lining and zips for tears and faults. At Pack Easy, we're all about sustainability, which is why we repair your trusty travel companion in our Suitcase Clinic, so they'll be with you for years to come.

See, it's not that hard to get familiar with the travel ABC! Count on our years of experience. At Pack Easy, we are true travel experts and put our knowledge into producing high-quality, practical bags, suitcase and Weekender, which hold so much and elegantly and tastefully accompany every lady and gentleman on their adventures.