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    Suitcases for every occasion - high-quality rolling suitcases for comfortable travel in style

    Our diverse selection of robust hard-shell suitcases and lightweight travel bags means that every travel enthusiast is spoiled for choice.

    When choosing your suitcase, pay attention to storage space, size and carrying comfort. Our small to extra-large suitcases and travel trolleys are equipped with a practical interior, while the travel bags have handles and wheels as well as practical carrying straps. Whatever your requirements, you will find your perfect suitcase with us.

    67 products

    High-quality travel cases in all shapes and sizes

    Our medium to extra-large wheeled suit cases are made of particularly robust material for the safe and secure transportation of your belongings. 8 wheels provide additional stability so that even an XXL hard-shell suitcase does not lose its balance. For extended vacations for two or a short break with the whole family, search our extensive range for the travel trolley that meets your requirements and expand your choice with the right piece of hand luggage for all fellow travelers. For frequent flyers, we also recommend a lightweight trolley cover; easy to attach and detach, the stylish protection keeps your suitcase looking like new despite heavy use.

    Robust companions from XXS - XXL

    Business trip or family vacation - find your ideal suitcase:

    Buying suitcases - which Pack Easy suitcase is right for my trip?

    Our hand luggage for weekend getaways, business trips or short breaks
    Our medium-sized suitcases - the luggage for eventful short breaks
    Our large suitcases & trolleys - the luggage for extended vacation adventures
    Our extra-large suitcases & trolleys for vacations and adventures in a class of their own

    How big should my suitcase be?

    Size recommendations for luggage
    Suitcase size S - Hand luggage: Up to 3 days (short trip / hand luggage for vacations) approx. 30-50 liters
    Suitcase size M - Medium trolleys up to 7 days approx. 70-90 liters
    Suitcase size L -Largetrolleys 1-2 weeks approx. 110 -140 liters
    Suitcase size XL -Extralarge suitcases & trolleys approx. 2-3 weeks approx. 160-180 liters. This is not regular luggage. (The belt size of 158 cm has been exceeded)

    How heavy can a suitcase be?

    Business Class: no more than 32 kg / one piece of luggage (sometimes 2 pieces of luggage)
    Economy Class: 20 to 23 kg / one piece of luggage

    We have the right luggage for every occasion:

    Our suitcases:
    Medium suitcases
    Large suitcases
    Extra large suitcases
    Our cabin luggage:
    Small trolleys
    Extra small trolleys

    Please check the current regulations of your airline before you travel.
    The following information is for guidance only. All information without guarantee.

    How can I personalize my suitcase?

    Would you like to design your own rolling suitcase or add your company logo to the trolley?
    We personalize your luggage in our workshop in Central Switzerland.

    Which suitcase for 10 kg of luggage?

    Small to medium-sized suitcases
    A suitcase with a height of approx. 56 cm is suitable as hand luggage for the plane.
    These suitcases are ideal for short business trips or city breaks.
    The capacity is approx. 25 to 50 liters.
    You can find more information here.
    Our cabin luggage

    Which suitcase for 23 kg of luggage?

    Large and extra-large suitcases
    If your luggage weighs 23 kilograms, you should choose a wheeled suitcase with a height of between 65 and 75 centimetres.
    This corresponds to a suitcase size M/L. We recommend weighing the packed suitcase before you travel.
    Tip: a trolley with an expansion function (expansion fold), then you will certainly have room for your souvenirs on the return flight.
    Our large suitcases

    How much does 1 kg of excess baggage cost?

    Excess baggage costs a surcharge, usually per kg, depending on the airline and destination.
    If your suitcase has a larger belt size than permitted (belt size = 158 cm), you will have to pay an additional surcharge depending on the airline and destination.
    Please check with your airline.

    How do I calculate the belt size?

    Height + width + depth =belt size
    The maximum belt size is 158 cm.

    Add height cm + width cm and depth cm to calculate the belt size.
    The suitcases size L with Pack Easy always correspond to the maximum belt size of 158 cm (XL excluded)

    Your suitcase was damaged during transportation?

    Damage noticed at the airport:
    Report damaged baggage to Lost & Found.
    The baggage will be inspected. Fill out the necessary forms.
    Damage only noticed at home:
    Go to the airline's website and fill out the appropriate form.
    The following information is required: damaged item, pictures of the damage. Date of flight, departure and arrival airports, flight number, boarding pass number. The airline may require further information.

    Are Pack Easy suitcases Swiss Made?

    Pack Easy produced the first Swiss rolling suitcase.
    Brightly colored or striped, design your own Colly for an extravagant appearance.
    DesignMe! - Design your own Colly

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    Free delivery service

    We guarantee fast and free delivery in Switzerland and Liechtenstein for all our cases, bags, leather goods and accessories. No minimum order quantity. To the delivery conditions

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    5 + 1 year warranty

    In the unlikely event of an accident, you benefit from at least a five-year guarantee on cases, bags and leather goods. Find out more about our warranty services

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    Service - Repairs

    We live sustainability - even beyond production and sales! Defective suitcases, bags and trolleys receive a comprehensive repair service in our suitcase clinic. More about our suitcase repair service