Climate protection is our path to the future

Together for a green future

By financing certified climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner portfolio, we are helping to close the enormous financing gap in global climate protection.

How do we do that?

1. determination of CO2 emissions

The CO2 emissions of our suitcases from the entire Flow collection and the leather weekenders from the Lovely Element collection were recorded together with ClimatePartner and the carbon footprint
was calculated.

2. avoid and reduce

Wherever possible, we avoid and reduce these CO2 emissions. Our carbon footprint is updated regularly, which provides a comprehensive overview of the success of our measures.

3. financing climate protection projects

A climate protection project is financed based on the amount of remaining CO2 emissions. These projects save CO2 - for example through reforestation measures or the replacement of climate-damaging technologies with
climate-friendly alternatives.

More information on our climate protection projects:
- Climate contribution - Flow Trolley
- Climate contribution - Swiss Made Weekender

Climate contribution - Flow collection

By labeling our products with the independent "financial
climate contribution" label, we enable consumers to track the financing
and find out more about the climate protection project. In this way, we contribute to the greatest possible transparency about our climate protection measures.

Climate contribution - Lovely Element Collection

Our commitment to climate protection.

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