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Sustainable on the road

Sustainable and responsible business practices are more than just a part of Pack Easy's corporate philosophy - we live this attitude every day and put it into every one of our products and services, from production to recycling.

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Pack Easy and the 2030 Agenda

It is very important to us to create added value for our customers, employees and our home country by living up to our responsibility towards people, the environment and society. Pack Easy supports the nine principles of the UN Global Impact and the 2030 Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
Pack Easy Agenda 2030

Our goals for sustainable development

The conscious use of resources and our responsibility as an employer and manufacturer of consumer goods are of particular importance to our company. From equal opportunities in the workplace to the development of recyclable materials, we therefore focus on comprehensive measures in all areas that we can influence and are involved as a company in selected social partnerships.

Health and well-being

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REACH-approved raw materials

Pack Easy requires its producers at home and abroad to demonstrably use REACH-approved raw materials. The European Chemicals Regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) has been in force since 2007 to protect the environment and human health. By signing it, manufacturers, importers and downstream users undertake to take responsibility for their chemicals.

Safe working environment

The traditional company Pack Easy has been operating from the heart of Central Switzerland for 60 years. The owner-managed company cultivates closeness to people. Eating together, active participation in social projects, physical and social health are an integral part of our corporate culture.

Fair working hours

Pack Easy offers its employees flexible working time models and fair working hours. We ask our certified producers to comply with these requirements for the benefit of their employees.
Pack Easy requires its producers to provide evidence of compliance with legal and ethical conditions in the workplace.

Social commitment

Pack Easy has long-standing partnerships with charitable organizations and supports local or national projects with a charitable background once a quarter.

High-quality education

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Employee training

Pack Easy attaches great importance to the further training of our employees on and off the job. The company offers its talented employees time and financial support and encourages them to develop their full potential.

Diversity & multilingualism

Pack Easy is proud of the diversity in its team, consisting of five nationalities, all age groups and the loyal four-legged friend Amun. By using High German as the company language, Pack Easy promotes a diversity-friendly working environment. Our employees also speak Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic and, of course, Swiss German.

Encourage and challenge

The Pack Easy SME promotes career starters and offers students and interested school pupils an insight into its world in the form of internships or taster apprenticeships.
We maintain cooperation with state integration programs for people returning to work.
We demand open, transparent and honest cooperation from our employees. It is an opportunity to actively contribute to the development of the company and its success.

Clean water and sanitary facilities

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Voluntary support

Clean drinking water and sanitary facilities are a matter of course in Switzerland. Pack Easy is aware of this privilege and supports the Water Survival Box project and the Shelter & Water association with fundraising campaigns and unpaid work.

Decent work and economic growth

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Dual education system

The dual education system is unique in Switzerland and of great importance for the national labor market. In collaboration with LU Couture, Pack Easy supports young people in starting their careers and is committed to preserving a long tradition of craftsmanship.


By signing the BSCI Code of Conduct, companies commit to implementing and complying with improved working conditions. To guarantee these high social standards, Pack Easy works exclusively with BSCI-certified production partners in Switzerland, Italy, China and India.

Creating and maintaining jobs

Pack Easy relies on contemporary working models and workflows and maintains decades-long partnerships with external producers, freelancers and institutions at all levels.

Equal working conditions

Equal opportunities are an integral part of Pack Easy's corporate culture. Our corporate policy offers people a respectful working environment and fair working conditions, regardless of their cultural or social background, religion, sexual orientation, gender or age.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

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As co-owner of the Swiss think tank MeSentia, Pack Easy is at the forefront of supporting the production and development of the first recyclable suitcases. Using ecological, recyclable materials in combination with the latest technologies, a unique piece of luggage is created that is no longer mass-produced, but "on demand", individual and environmentally friendly.


Personalize your suitcase - Pack Easy makes it possible! The digital high-tech printing process turns a dull suitcase into a stylish, unique Swiss Made item.


A Pack Easy suitcase is more than just a piece of luggage: airbrushing and hand painting from the idyllic Aare valley transforms every suitcase into a unique piece - colorful, original and individual!

Responsible consumption and production

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High-quality multifunctional products

Pack Easy uses robust and pollutant-free materials to create quality products for leisure, work and everyday life with a long life cycle.

Suitcase clinic / Warranty / Repair service

Sustainability and responsibility do not end with the sale. Pack Easy offers a high-quality repair service in its in-house suitcase clinic and provides a comprehensive warranty on suitcases, bags and leather goods.

National & international production

With its constantly growing Swiss Made collection and cooperation with Swiss art and craft manufacturers, Pack Easy underlines its responsibility for conscious and resource-conserving production. Pack Easy obliges its partners abroad to provide proof of BSCI certification and the use of REACH-approved materials in order to guarantee the requirements for responsible production.

Upcycling & recycling

Once a piece of luggage has reached the end of its life cycle, Pack Easy takes care of its proper disposal and inspires upcycling with its flourishing ideas.

Climate protection measures

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CO2 reduction

Pack Easy prefers short supply chains and cooperation at national and European level. Pack Easy motivates its employees to use public transport, car-sharing or bicycles.
Located in an industrial area, we maintain our green spaces in a natural and biodiverse way as compensation areas.

Regional & local value creation

With the high-quality leather goods in the Swiss Made collection, which are handmade in a Ticino manufactory, Pack Easy not only supports local production, but also centuries-old craftsmanship that must not be lost.

Use of climate-neutral energy

Pack Easy's goal for the coming years is to switch from oil to geothermal/solar energy. We are currently evaluating the possibility of equipping the roof of the company headquarters with photovoltaics for our own or third-party use.

Partnerships to achieve the goals

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Achieving great things with small things

In order to support the 17 goals of the 2030 Agenda in the best possible way, building valuable synergies is an important part of Pack Easy's corporate culture. In addition to existing partnerships, Pack Easy aims to enter into new social commitments and meaningful long-term collaborations.

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In Switzerland, we develop innovative design, new materials and must-have products. Sustainability is more than a matter of course for us. We manufacture the finest handmade leather goods in Switzerland. This is also where the many possible
customizations of our products are made according to your wishes. Where Switzerland
is written on it, Switzerland is inside!

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Swiss Travel Solutions

Swiss Travel Solutions is more than just luggage! We offer solutions that enrich your life. A perfect fit for B2C and B2B, a wide range of accessories,
business products for your everyday business life and fashionable leather goods for family, friends and companies.

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100% Swiss Service

Our focus is on people. We deliver 100% Swiss service and, in addition to our innovative think tank, we also offer project support right through to the finished product as well as a guarantee and 48-hour delivery service. We are an active logistics partner with our own large warehouse and luggage clinic
for international airlines. Enjoy our expertise and become
our satisfied partner.