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Our suitcase sizes

Cabin baggage: Extra Small Cabin Trolley (XS)

Choose between extra small hand luggage with wheels, business bags or Swiss Made bags.
The functional luggage for every trip: stylish and ready to travel at any time.


Width: 36 cm - 44 cm
Height: 43 cm - 45 cm
Depth: 20 cm - 25 cm
Weight 2 kg - 2.9 kg
Volume: 33 lt - 47 lt

Cabin baggage: Cabin Trolley (S)

A rolling suitcase for hand luggage is indispensable, whether for a short trip or an extended vacation. Functional features such as packing straps, various inner pockets, travel pouches and a TSA combination lock come as standard with the Pack Easy.


Width: 36 cm - 44 cm
Height: 52 cm - 55 cm
Depth: 20 cm - 25 cm
Weight 2.7 kg - 3.5 kg
Volume: 35 lt - 44 lt

Luggage: Medium trolley (M)

Hiking and wellness or a glamorous weekend in a cosmopolitan city, our medium-sized suitcases and trolleys are the ideal companions on your adventures.


Width: 43 cm - 47 cm
Height: 63 cm - 66 cm
Depth: 20 cm - 26 cm
Weight 3.3 kg - 4.6 kg
Volume: 75 lt - 83 lt

Luggage: Large Trolley (L)

Relaxing your body and soul doesn't happen overnight. Our large trolleys and hard-shell cases offer all the space you need for a relaxing, action-packed or laid-back vacation!


Width: 48 cm - 52 cm
Height: 76 cm - 32 cm
Depth: 30 cm - 32 cm
Weight 3.7 kg - 4.9 kg
Volume: 112 lt - 124 lt

Luggage: Extra Large Trolley (XL)

XXL luggage stands for for XXL travel pleasure! Very large luggage is essential for active sports vacations or extra-long family vacations in a dream paradise.


Width: 52 cm
Height: 90 cm
Depth: 34 cm
Weight 4.9 kg
Volume: 160 lt

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In Switzerland, we develop innovative design, new materials and must-have products. Sustainability is more than a matter of course for us. We manufacture the finest handmade leather goods in Switzerland. This is also where the many possible
customizations of our products are made according to your wishes. Where Switzerland
is written on it, Switzerland is inside!

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Swiss Travel Solutions

Swiss Travel Solutions is more than just luggage! We offer solutions that enrich your life. A perfect fit for B2C and B2B, a wide range of accessories,
business products for your everyday business life and fashionable leather goods for family, friends and companies.

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100% Swiss Service

Our focus is on people. We deliver 100% Swiss service and, in addition to our innovative think tank, we also offer project support right through to the finished product as well as a guarantee and 48-hour delivery service. We are an active logistics partner with our own large warehouse and luggage clinic
for international airlines. Enjoy our expertise and become
our satisfied partner.