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-Which payment methods are accepted?
You can pay by instant payment, on account, with credit card (Mastercard, VISA), Paypal or TWINT in our online store.
-Can I use my credit card without risk?
Your online purchase at PACK EASY is carried out under strict security measures, so you don't have to worry about security. Our servers use the advanced encryption technology SSL (Secure Socket Layer) with 256bit technology, which ensures that your transactions are private and protected.

Spare parts & locks

-How do I order spare parts?
Spare parts can be re-ordered by telling us exactly which spare part you need. You will find the product information on your warranty card or in the product itself when you open the zipper of the inner lining. Don't forget to give us your delivery address as well. 

Warranty and repair

-Where can I have my Pack Easy product repaired?
Please email us with the item number, date of purchase, copy of the warranty card, a photo of the defect and the entire travel companion to customercare@packeasy.ch. We will be happy to contact you afterwards regarding the further procedure.
-What are Pack Easy's warranty terms and conditions?
Detailed information about the warranty is included in your luggage (see warranty card)

Switzerland & other countries

Hasliring 12
6032 Emmen
Tel: +41 41 269 80 88

Our partner

Germany & Europe

Dolfi 1920 GmbH
Langer Kornweg 34C
DE-65451 Kelsterbach
Tel: +49 69 264 86 44 0


LIZ Lederwaren
Schönbrunnerstrasse 242
1120 Wien
Tel: +43 1 813 12 63
Fax: +43 1 815 14 12

How do I send my luggage for repair?
1. Please pack your luggage in a box or wrap it in foil.
2. Use household foil (biodegradable if possible)
3. Wrap the luggage including handle and wheels
4. Seal the foil with adhesive tape
5. Add an adress label on top of the box

Traveling with Pack Easy

Can I take my luggage with me in the cabin?
Please check the current regulations of your airline before your trip.

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