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    Hard-shell suitcases - robust travel companions made from durable polycarbonate

    Our hard-shell luggage is particularly light and robust, equipped with a well thought-out interior and gives men and women a stylish appearance.

    Business or leisure - Pack Easy hard-shell suitcases are particularly light on your feet. The ultra-light polycarbonate is scratch-resistant and beautifully shaped and gives some models an extravagant glossy look. On eight wheels, they turn easily on their own axis and can be moved swiftly through any airport or train station concourse.

    97 products

    Hard shell, soft core - the particularly robust suitcase

    The hard-shell cases from the Pack Easy range are particularly durable and robust, making them ideal for frequent air travel. The hard-shell cases always remain attractive, are scratch-resistant and made of ultra-light materials. Inside, our models impress with various inner pockets and packing straps that offer your belongings additional protection. In our store you will find trolleys and suitcases made of polycarbonate in all sizes and colors, models that can be personalized and those that you can design yourself!

    Hard-shell cases made from robust polycarbonate

    Business trip or family vacation - find your ideal travel companion:

    Is a hard-shell suitcase better than soft luggage?

    There are advantages and disadvantages to hard-shell cases and soft luggage.
    While hard-shell cases primarily promise protection for your luggage, soft luggage is lighter and offers greater flexibility.

    What material are Pack Easy cases made of?

    The ultra-light polycarbonate is scratch-resistant and beautifully shaped and gives some models an extravagant glossy look.
    Pack Easy cases are made of the following materials, depending on the model: polycarbonate, polypropylene, ABS or polyester & nylon (soft luggage)

    Can hard-shell cases be repaired?

    We will do our best to repair your damaged luggage in our luggage clinic. Defective items of luggage of all brands are carefully checked to see if they can be repaired.
    You decide whether you want to have your suitcase repaired or browse our range for new items of luggage.
    Irreparable includes, for example, tears or severe creases in the hard shell/fabric or no (more) spare parts are available.

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    In the unlikely event of an accident, you benefit from at least a five-year guarantee on cases, bags and leather goods. Find out more about our warranty services

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    We live sustainability - even beyond production and sales! Defective suitcases, bags and trolleys receive a comprehensive repair service in our suitcase clinic. More about our suitcase repair service