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The Swiss manufacture for leather bags

Craftsmanship with a lot of love for leather

Our atelier is located at the southern end of Switzerland, in a Ticino village. Here, with much love and craftsmanship, the unique handbags of Pack Easy are created.
In our workshop, the last Swiss leather manufactory ever, we create - classic weekender, shoulder bags, clutches, but also cosmetic bags or accessories like address tags.

A bag is created

Leather selection

Around 70 different colours in various leather looks are ready for processing in our workshop.

Stamp and cut

The templates are placed on the leather for the various parts of the bag model and cut precisely with a Japanese knife. Other components are stamped out with iron stencils.

Leather processing

So that all edges can be folded precisely during production, the leather is sharpened where necessary, i.e. thinned out a little. Bags that have an open edge are carefully dyed.


The Pack Easy bird embodies our values: tradition, care and aesthetics paired with the courage to always break new ground. The symbol of lightness, curiosity and the joy of being on the road.


It requires the utmost concentration and years of experience to transform the leather pieces into 3D unique pieces.


After manufacturing, the unique handicrafts find their way to Emmen/Lucerne. From there, the bags move to various fashion or hotel boutiques throughout the country and the world.

Pictures Jeremy Bierer

Our handcrafted leather bags

15,000 to 20,000 bags are produced in the studio per year

The soft full cowhide leather in smooth or grained look is the main feature of our Swiss Made leather collection. shopper, clutch or pouchGone is the tedious search for keys and wallet, our ladies handbags are equipped with an inner lining of the finest material and have functional zipper and slip pockets. Thanks to the practical shoulder straps and sturdy handles, each handbag nestles gallantly against its wearer and becomes an indispensable companion for every day, on small and large trips.

Customize handbag

The bags can also be created individually on request - Choose from different models and types of leather to your favourite colour.


"A first-class bag is like a best friend, it makes us shine and always stands charmingly by our side"

Marion Klein, CEO of Pack Easy

Matter of the heart

For Marion Klein, the creation and manufacture of unique bags is a matter of the heart, indeed a "coup de foudre"! It is very important and essential that the value chain of Swiss craftsmanship and leather goods manufacturing also promotes the workplaces of Central Switzerland and Ticino.