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Cabin Luggage

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    Hand luggage - suitcases and trolleys for large and small trips

    Stylish weekenders or a featherweight trolley? Hand luggage cases for all airlines with the Swiss quality guarantee from Pack Easy - suitcases and bags.

    Whether hand luggage suitcase or casual weekender, with our elegant Swiss designs you will stand out in style. The practical hand luggage impresses with functional inner and outer pockets, and is suitable for short trips by car as well as for weekend excursions by train or as a feather-light flight companion for business trips. You can also find more information about hand luggage here.

    63 products

    Hand luggage is on the rise

    The trend towards minimalism is also evident when traveling. Wherever possible, ballast is saved and only the essentials are packed. A handy trolley is not only easier to navigate through airports and train station concourses, but also saves us the unpleasant wait at check-in and the baggage carousel. There is more inside each piece of hand luggage than is visible from the outside. Practical inner and outer pockets keep things tidy and can be supplemented with our travel accessories for an even better overview. However, please note the guidelines of your airline; our cabin baggage varies in size, dimensions and function to meet all requirements.

    Hand luggage, suitcases and trolleys for large and small trips.

    Business trip or family vacation - find your ideal travel companion:

    What is allowed in hand luggage? Are electronic devices, liquids, medicines and baby food allowed on the plane?

    You can find many helpful answers on the official IATA website or on the Zurich Airport website.

    How big can hand baggage cases be?

    The IATA regulations state that carry-on baggage may have a maximum height of 56 cm x 45 cm width x 25 cm depth.
    As a rule, baggage may not exceed a weight of 5 - 11 kg.

    Please check the current regulations of your airline.
    Different regulations apply to Business Class and First Class.

    Our cabin baggage:
    Small trolleys
    Extra small trolleys

    How heavy can hand luggage cases be?

    In general, hand baggage may not weigh more than 8 kg. Different regulations apply for Business Class and First Class.
    Please check the current regulations of your airline before you travel.
    (information without guarantee)

    How big can a carry-on baggage suitcase be on Easy Jet?

    How much liquid is allowed in hand baggage?

    Thefollowing restrictions apply to liquids & creams:
    - The contents of the container may not exceed 100ml or 100g.
    - Containers must be stowed in a resealable, transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 liter.
    - Only one bag per person is permitted. Only one bag per person is permitted (available at the airport).
    - The bag containing all containers must be completely closed and presented at the security checkpoint.

    You can find the current SWISS AIRLINE regulationshere.
    You can find the IATA (International Air Transport Association) regulations here.

    Please note that regulations may vary depending on the airline. Please check the current regulations of your airline before you travel.

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