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A case for the suitcase clinic
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As carefree as Mik's trip to Portugal had been, her beloved trolley suitcase suffered an accident on the return flight to Switzerland. Due to rough handling when loading the plane in Porto, her trolley case not only picked up some unsightly scratches, it also lost a wheel. Mik immediately realized that three-wheeled luggage is impractical when she took her suitcase off the conveyor belt in Zurich. "All right," thought our curious train bird, "at least my hard-shell suitcase" The rest is solved by the experts & suitcase doctors from "Pack Easy

At the Pack Easy Luggage Clinic, specialists carry out suitcase checks and warranty repairs and then take care of diagnosed suitcase damage and luggage repairs. The Swiss Luggage Clinic is unique: in Emmen, Pack Easy provides a comprehensive range of services for suitcases, travel bags and hand luggage. However, the suitcase doctors not only take care of the company's own luggage, but also repair defective bags, suitcases and trolleys from other manufacturers. In this way, Pack Easy lives sustainability far beyond production and sales. Responsible, entrepreneurial action is an integral part of the company philosophy.

After Mik got her luggage back from the repair, she realized one thing: Before she goes exploring next time, she will deliver her suitcase to Pack Easy's suitcase SPA in Emmen. The luggage experts will carry out a suitcase check, inspect it, clean it and - if necessary - repair it. From now on, Mik's luggage will always be fit for travel and ready for use again at any time.