Luggage service - repair and warranty services at unique conditions

Benefit from a five-year guarantee on every piece of luggage and the professional suitcase repair service from Pack Easy in Emmen

Has your suitcase lost a wheel or have you forgotten the combination for your TSA combination lock? In the unlikely event of this happening, we offer a professional luggage service, advice and a one-off suitcase guarantee. If you decide that you do not want to keep a product you have ordered, you have the right to cancel the contract/purchase within 14 days without giving any reason.


Do you have any concerns regarding your online order?
Désirée Kaiser will provide you with competent support for a quick solution.
We will be happy to help you.
Phone: +41 41 269 80 88


Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay by immediate payment, on account, by credit card (Mastercard, VISA), Paypal or TWINT in our online store.

Can I use my credit card without risk?

Your online purchase at Pack Easy takes place under strict security precautions, so you don't have to worry about security. Our servers use advanced SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology with 256bit technology, which ensures that your transactions are private and protected.

What damage is covered by the Pack Easy warranty?

The warranty service covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty service covers the repair or replacement of products that are recognized as defective by the technical experts.
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What do I have to do to submit a warranty claim?

Please complete the warranty claim form and upload the following documents: Warranty card Proof of purchase Picture of the case or bag Picture of the defect.
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Where can I have Pack Easy products repaired? Suitcase service:

Pack Easy AG
Aftersales Hasliring 12
6032 Emmen Tel: +41 41 269 80 88

Our partners Germany &Europe
Dolfi 1920 GmbH
Langer Kornweg 34 C
DE-65451 Kelsterbach
Tel: +49 32221852020


LIZ Lederwaren
Schönbrunnerstrasse 242
1120 Vienna
Tel: +43 1 813 12 63

The sales office of your travel companion will also be happy to take care of your request.for further international repair services, please contact us by e-mail or use our contact form. Report repair

Can I have my suitcase repaired even if the defect is not covered by the warranty?

Yes, you can still have the case repaired. The repair is subject to a charge.
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How much does a repair cost?

Replacement of a roll incl. material and return shipment of the luggage by Planzer to a Swiss address (no P.O. Box):
CHF 45.00 incl. shipping by Planzer CHF 30.00 Collection in Emmen

Replacement of a handle incl. material and return shipment of the item of luggage by Planzer to an address in Switzerland:
CHF 39.00 incl. shipping by DPD CHF 24.00 Pick up in Emmen

Pull handle
Replacement of a pull handle incl. material and return shipment of the luggage by Planzer to an address in Switzerland:
Suitcase size S: CHF 56.00 incl. shipment by Planzer / CHF 41.00 Pick up in Emmen
Suitcase size M: C CHF 59.00 incl. shipping by Planzer / CHF 44.00 Pick up in Emmen
Suitcase size L: CHF 61.00 incl. shipping by Planzer / CHF 46.00 Pick up in Emmen
Suitcase size XL: CHF 63.00 incl. shipping by Planzer / CHF 48.00 Shipping by Planzer / CHF 48.00 Collection in Emmen

Replacement of the TSA lock incl. material and return shipment of the luggage by Planzer to an address in Switzerland:
CHF 36.00 incl. shipping by Planzer CHF 21.00 Collection in Emmen

How do I send my baggage for repair?

Please pack your luggage in a cardboard box or wrap it in foil.
Use household foil (biodegradable if possible) Wrap the luggage including the handle and wheels Put an address label on the packaging. (Pack Easy, repair service, Hasliring 12, 6032 Emmen LU)
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Do you also process express shipments?

Yes, within 2 working days: plus CHF 40.00 - Express processing Express mail:
at cost Shipping by Planzer: CHF 15.00 (1 working day, no Saturday delivery) (prices incl. VAT)

Can I order spare parts?

You can reorder spare parts. Please tell us exactly which spare part you need.
You will find the product information on your warranty card or in the product itself (the serial numbers are located under the inner lining). (no P.O. Box address)
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What can be repaired? What is irreparable damage?

Irreparable damage includes, for example, tears or severe creases in the hard shell/fabric or no (more) spare parts are available.