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Our invitation, your suitcase stories

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Our invitation to share your suitcase stories with us was a complete success. Many thanks to everyone who took part.
If you would like to share your travel stories, simply send an e-mail to marketing@packeasy and send it to us.

Suitcase story (Elisabeth Stupka)


It happened on the return flight from Warsaw to Zurich. The Airbus A 320 was fully occupied; I noticed a very corpulent young man at the gate who was groaning with every step, walking slowly and heavily.

I thought to myself: could he possibly be my seat neighbor? Ha! Thought, done...and a little scared...The giant had, probably deliberately, had an aisle seat, with me right next to him in a row of three. I made myself very small, I quickly got hot and, as if on cue, I started breathing heavily and sweating, just like my big neighbor - almost in sync with him...

After about 1.5 hours of flying, our plane landed in Zurich and I started to relax. After the giant got up, I got up too, took my beautiful Pack Easy cabin-size suitcase out of the overhead storage compartment and put it on the floor. Suddenly and completely unexpectedly our plane moved and my suitcase tipped over, a short moment later my corpulent seat neighbor landed on my suitcase!

Lying on his back, he waved his arms around and screamed loudly...I had great difficulty keeping my balance and saw the water tower of Lucerne sinking under the big man (and not into Lake Lucerne) on my great suitcase....Oh dear, oh dear, one stretching second after another....!!!

Two passengers from the back rows helped the fallen man to his feet. Still red in the face, he mumbled in my direction: Izvinite, which means - forgive - in Russian.

He took the slightly bruised suitcase in his "paws", stroked it back and forth and: suddenly the picture of the Lucerne Chapel Bridge looked like new!!!

All's well that ends well - I thought to myself. I shook hands with the giant and said goodbye, wishing him all the best.

Ha! Pack Easy is simply unbeatable: everything is right here, the design, the quality and of course the robustness!

Well, I'm very happy that my favorite suitcase still accompanies me on every trip around the world.

Suitcase story (Massimiliano Pallich)

Koffergeschichte Blauer Koffer

Good morning,
Back in 2015 I was about to start university and I needed a small but practical and sturdy suitcase for when I came back home from university.

I went to a store and I found this beautiful blue suitcase (my favorite color) and I didn't wait a second to buy it. Since then, I have been using it for practically any occasion. To remind me of all the places I have been I started to write the name of each city with indelible marker, like a stamp in my passport.

Over the years I have filled it in more and more. This has allowed me to have some of the most incredible conversations of my life. In fact, several people at the airport, on the train, on the bus stopped me. They were curious about the many places I had seen or because the name of a city dear to them was written on it. Among the many people who stopped me I still remember an elderly gentleman who had told me the beautiful story of how he had met his wife in one of the very last cities I had been to.

For me this suitcase is no longer an object, but an incredible souvenir of all my travels.

Best regards, Massimiliano Pallich

Suitcase story (Urs Aschwanden)

Good afternoon,
my name is *Volo* and I am a relatively old hard-shell suitcase and already have some dents! But hey, I can't complain because I've been able to visit many beautiful places in the world with my owner, Urs. What I don't like is that I'm only ever taken out of the cellar when I'm needed! I also get to travel in the belly of an airplane, which is always cold and very cramped, and I never see a flight attendant! The way they treat me at airports is not always gentlemanly either! What's more, I'm only ever put in the cupboard when I'm on vacation.

I heard Urs say to his wife: "The Volo has had its day, it's done its job and it's time to get a new one. She wants a smaller and much lighter one that can also travel with the passengers.

Yes, I know I should be retired, but.....! I witnessed a funny story at the airport in San Francisco. Urs and I were held up by the police, some kind of check and Urs couldn't open me up. I was all uptight. The very nice policemen spoke to Urs in a language I didn't understand. In any case, they tinkered with me with tools for what felt like 15 minutes, I kept laughing because it tickled me so much. In the end, everything was fine and Urs had to hand me over to a very good-looking American, who then patched me up again. I don't even know if Urs has health insurance for me. But hey, I'm working again and can still go on trips.

Another exciting story was when we were in Indonesia. Two stowaways actually snuck in with me, I never even noticed. The two cockroaches only crawled out of me when I got home. OMG..... then Urs took me on..... and made friends with the vacuum cleaner. All's well that ends well. Actually, I should have written a diary...... a lot of traveling.......but even more waiting in the dark until it starts again. Oh yes, I would be very happy if I finally got a colleague, then I wouldn't be so alone in the basement and he could tell me how things are going in business class.
Thank you very much and I wish you a cool and positive day, Volo