Newly awakened wanderlust - Pack Easy flourishes

Terraces and balconies, those are the names of the high flyers on last year's list of most popular destinations. We've nurtured them, transformed them into kitchen gardens and oases of tranquillity, and are proud of these little spots of outdoor bliss where we've been allowed to unwind our pandemic-ridden souls. But with rising temperatures and falling infection rates, the desire to turn our backs on our idyllic home for a few days or even weeks is rearing its head again. Just the thought of exotic smells, Mediterranean flair and foreign singsong makes the butterflies in our stomach dance with joy. 

The blossoming wanderlust is literally noticeable, cannot be saddened even at the sight of dusty luggage, and dented suitcases. Nevertheless, we feel like new-born and want to carry this radiance also outward. But simply throwing away a faithful companion? That goes against the spirit of the times and any nostalgia, and gnaws at our guilty conscience. 

Suitcase clinic instead of landfill site

Pack Easy Werkstatt

With a bit of luck, your suitcase carries a Pack Easy label. The little migratory bird from central Switzerland has been committed to sustainability for years and stands for particularly durable luggage with a guarantee of up to six years. Small damages, defective wheels or handles are repaired by the professionals in the Pack Easy luggage clinic in no time and let your suitcases shine in new splendour. And if the good piece has really reached the end of its life or you simply want something new, then simply bring your used suitcase with you, have the old thing recycled and meanwhile choose your new travel companions.

Pack Easy Blog


From recycling to upcycling

Pack Easy Blog

If you're flying over the Pack Easy store these days, you'll catch a glimpse of some bright splashes of colour in the dreary gray of the rainy month of May. Bright pink and blood red blooming dipladenia are blooming. A flower bed on concrete pavement? Why not! Thinks Marion Klein, who has created a place to dream for herself and her employees with her colourful flowered break area. The owner of Pack Easy loves to break new ground and puts her ideas into practice with passion. She has an eye for the beautiful things in life, but that doesn’t means you have to dispose of everything "old" right away? Is it possible to give discarded objects a second life? Together with the enthusiastic florist Priska Isenschmied from the “Atelier für Blumen” in Lucerne, she got to the bottom of this question - with convincing results!

In just a few steps, the two of them conjured up a beautiful mini-garden out of old suitcase shells. Thus, the faithful piece of luggage adorns balconies, terraces or even extensive gardens and now the best: Almost forgotten travel memories experience a second spring!

How it works

Pack Easy blüht auf

In these 5 steps you transform your worn-out piece of luggage into a blooming sea of plants:

1. if desired, separate the two halves of the suitcase and remove any wheels

2. cut out the inner lining

3. fill one or both suitcase shells with sufficient soil

4. plant your desired flowers or herbs in it

5. provide moderate watering and regular fertilizing

Now make sure you choose the right location in terms of sunlight and what seems old will shine like new.

Switzerland "blooms" for more sustainability

Pack Easy - Nachhaltigkeit

Home office or not, not everyone can indulge their wanderlust immediately. Join in! Set an example for sustainability and the rekindled desire to travel and discover the world. Brighten up the long days until the longed-for vacations and give your old luggage a second life right now.

Herbs, flowers or grasses - there are no limits to your creativity. Send us your most beautiful pictures by June 20, 2021 to or post your blossomed suitcases on Facebook  or Instagram. We will offer five vouchers worth CHF 50 - 250 for a new piece of luggage from the heart of Switzerland among all participants.

Good luck and green thumb up!