Must Haves For Your Travel Suitcase

It is imminent before every journey: packing. This may cause some of us quite a headache already days before and you often notice only at the destination that something important is missing in your travel suitcase. That’s not the way it should be. With my tips I help you to always carry the must haves in your travel suitcase and to take the right thing with you for every trip - no matter if you go on a longer holiday or a short weekend trip. Good preparation is the name of the game. It's best to save this travel suitcase list on your PC or smartphone and pick it up before each trip to make sure that all essentials are included.

1. Outfits

Packing your travel suitcase often starts with the clothes. But standing in front of the wardrobe you often don't know what to put in the travel suitcase and what not. The following rules apply for my outfit must haves: less is more, layer system and the clothes should be easy to combine. So, pack trousers, shirts and dresses in colours that are easy to combine and ideally put them together before you pack them individually in the travel suitcase. By doing so, you avoid packing an unnecessarily large number of clothing or clothing that do not fit. Also think in layers. It makes no sense to pack your thick hoodie and the thick jacket. This takes up far too much space and you can react less flexibly to changing weather conditions. So my tip: take singlets, thin jackets, sweaters and scarves with you in your travel suitcase, because then you can put on one layer less or more depending on the temperature. 

2. Packing bag

To keep order in your travel suitcase, I recommend you to buy packing bags. They are ideal to save space and to keep order. Not only clothes can be stowed in them, but also electronic equipment and other small items that should not slip around in the travel suitcase. They may also be used as a toilet bag or first-aid kit.Packbeutel PACK EASY

3. Laundry bag and shoe bag

Another must have in the travel suitcase is a laundry bag for the dirty clothes. Because it is not pleasant and also not hygienic to pack the dirty laundry together with the still fresh clothes into the travel suitcase. Cotton sacks are the most suitable, since they are more odourless than plastic sacks. Shoes should also be packed in a bag rather than directly in the travel suitcase. By doing so you avoid dirt and unpleasant odours on the other items in the suitcase.

4. Day pack or bag

Whether going on a city trip, on an adventure trip or on a beach holiday, a small day pack must be included in every travel suitcase. They are ideal for day trips and can also be used as additional hand luggage in case you shopped a little too much or bought too many souvenirs. Depending on your personal preference, take a backpack that you can stow flat and handy in your suitcase, buy a foldable bag or pack a space-saving cloth bag.  

5. Water bottle

A water bottle is also a must in your travel suitcase. There are space-saving water bottles that you can fold together. But also conventional water bottles do their job. Either way, there are a few rules to follow: Check in advance whether the cap is really watertight. It is also good if the empty bottle is not too heavy. The right size is crucial as well. There are individual preferences, but experience has shown that a 0.5 litre bottle is just right. 

6. Tape, string, sewing kit, plastic bag

It may happen on any journey: a piece of clothing tears, a toilet article leaks or a zipper breaks. In moments like this, you wish you had the most essential things to patch with you. Therefore, pack a small basic set of tape, string, thread and needle as well as small plastic bags into your travel suitcase. Then you are prepared for the small emergencies and can act at any time.

7. Microfiber cloth

A microfiber cloth belongs in every travel suitcase. The space-saving, lightweight and fast-drying cloths are ideal travel companions, as they act as beach towels and drying cloths. If the towels in the bathroom of the accommodation do not look as clean, or if a sport activity or a bathing day lies ahead, then the towels are ideal. Another advantage is their antibacterial properties. The towels are available in different sizes.

8. Finken oder Flipflops

Whether on the plane, in the train or in the hotel room - it is always convenient to walk around in your own slippers. That's why comfortable flip-flops or slippers are a must have in any travel suitcase. It's ideal if you're looking for those you can use for several occasions: on the beach, in the bathroom, in the spa, in the hotel room. In addition to comfort and appearance, the material is also important. Rubber shoes are practical because they dry quickly and stains are washed out easily. If you leave for a colder destination, you can pack some slippers with a warm, comfortable fur in your travel suitcase.

9. First aid kit

Something can happen on any journey: be it a small cut, a graze or simply a headache or fever. You should therefore always have a first aid kit in your travel suitcase with painkillers, plasters (do not forget blister plasters), bandages, small scissors, disinfectants, wound healing ointment and personal medication. Nasal spray, throat pain tablets and eye drops should also be included in the set in the travel suitcase.

10. Reading material

Whether a short city trip, an extended backpack trip or a family holiday - relaxation is part of every trip. But how? It's simple: immerse yourself in another world and forget the stress of everyday life by reading a book. Whether hopeless romantic stories or thrilling crime stories, a great book belongs in every travel suitcase. If you want to travel in a space-saving way and don't want to carry several books with you, you can upload your favourites onto the e-reader and have your reading material conveniently available in your travel suitcase at any time. Another option is to buy the books as audio books or download them online. Books are also ideal to bridge time if you need to wait longer at the airport or before checking into your hotel and are therefore a must have for your travel suitcase. Magazines are also an alternative - whether fashion, gossip, garden or knowledge magazines, the selection is huge. A specific travel magazine for your destination, where you can find valuable insider tips is interesting as well.

11. Notebook

I always get the best ideas while traveling and I let myself be inspired by new cultures and history. Therefore, I always carry a small notebook in my travel suitcase. In addition to inspirations, helpful tips such as the most important words in the language of the country you are traveling to can also be written down or note down the best restaurants and coffee places. A small travel diary is also interesting and brings up great memories when you go through it a few years later. And don't forget to pack a pen.

12. Photos

Photos are a great souvenir. That's why no travel suitcase should be missing a camera. Everyone can decide individually whether a complete camera equipment including tripod and several lenses should be included in the travel suitcase or whether a small compact camera or even your smartphone is sufficient. As long as you can capture your holiday moments visually. At home you can create beautiful photo books and indulge in wonderful travel memories again and again.

13. Adapter

An adapter is also a must in your travel suitcase. Before departure, check which sockets are available in the destination and take the appropriate adapter with you. The easiest way is to get a universal adapter, so you can always use it, regardless of your trip.

14. Extension cable with multiple sockets

In addition to the adapter, it is always practical to have an extension cable with several sockets in your travel suitcase. Often there are not enough sockets or the cable is too short to charge your device. In addition, you can keep track of all your charging devices, because they are all in one place and you won‘t forget any in the hotel room.

15. Powerbank

In addition to the conventional chargers for your electronic devices, a power bank also belongs in every travel suitcase. The portable chargers are ideal for on the go. Pay attention to charging time, weight and size of the powerbank.
With this list of must haves for your travel suitcase you are now ideally prepared for your travels. Save it or print it out and always pick it up before you start packing. This way you know that the most important things are always in your travel suitcase and you can enjoy your holiday without headaches and forgotten must haves. 

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Ihre Mik