Your questions about Colly

How exactly does the Colly concept work?
Colly is a Swiss innovation. It was developed by PACK EASY and is Swiss-made. The key component of the concept is the online configurator. In just four steps, you can put together your preferred combination of colours, patterns, dream destination, and logo. With the option to engrave the retractable handle, your Colly is truly one of a kind. The chance of finding a second cabin trolley the same as yours is pretty much zero. So why not colour your journey and make traveling a little bit less stressful?

How long will it take for the Colly I design to be delivered?
Once you have completed your purchase in our online shop, we will start producing your personalized Colly. If you live in Switzerland, delivery will take around 14 days – and will cost you nothing. Delivery takes up to 3 weeks for the rest of Europe, and 4 weeks for the rest of the world. Shipping costs for deliveries outside Switzerland will be calculated when you complete your online purchase.

You can find further information on the terms and conditions in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC). If you have any further questions, please use the “Ask a Question” form below. This will ensure that we can get back to you as quickly as possible.