How do I recognize a good leather bag?

Leather bags Switzerland: How do I recognize a good leather bag?

Handbags are the object of desire for many women. High-quality leather bags have a clear advantage: They are durable and sturdy. With these tips from Mik, you will find a good leather bag that will last a long time. 

If you're travelling, you need something to transport your belongings. To this end, a leather bag is particularly suitable. If it is high quality processed, it remains beautiful even after long use. A leather bag is not just handy for transporting items on the road, for example, on the way to work or shorter laps at leisure. Also suitable for weekend trips is a leather bag, if it is big enough - like one of our spacious Weekender. Such a bag is also a design object, an accessory that emphasizes your own style and it can even be a status symbol. If you invest in a good bag, you will win a reliable companion in every situation.

Who wants to buy a bag, on the one hand has to think about which model corresponds to his style. Should it be more sporty or rather elegant? Need a bag that offers plenty of storage space or is it a handy companion that takes up less space? Of course, a high-quality bag is also a question of cost. Finally, materials and manufacturing cost money, which is reflected in the product. But the investment is worthwhile. If you instead buy a cheaper, but poor quality bag, this usually breaks much fasterThe result: In the time you can use a high-quality bag, you would have to buy many less high-quality bags. Often that comes financially to the same thing.

While a good leather bag usually does their services faithfully for many years, this can not be said about inferior materials. A leather bag usually shows no cracks or defects even after years of use, as is often the case with imitation leather bags. By using the bag on the contrary, gets an even smoother surface. This special patina makes part of the appeal of leather bags.But how do you know if this is a high quality leather case or not?

With our tips you make the right purchase decision.

Imitation leather or genuine leather?

One of the first things to be clarified is the question of whether it is genuine leather or artificial leather. This is sometimes not so easy to clarify, as you might think, because even artificial leather can always be made of higher quality. In some cases, good synthetic leather looks and feels like real leather.

On the one hand about the material, of course, the label on or in the bag information. A real leather bag is labeled as "Genuine Leather" or "real Leather". The English version of this is "Genuine Leather". Even "Real Leather" is sometimes in the inner workings of handbags. Usually there is a symbol of an animal skin on the bag, which also stands for the use of real leather. On the other hand, if there is no information on the material, it is probably a bag that was not made of genuine leather.

The smell also differs depending on the material. Leather has a distinct inherent odor, which is usually absent in artificial leather. The latter usually smells more like plastic or chemistry. If you touch an imitation leather and real leather case for comparison, you will also notice that the real leather case feels softer. Synthetic leather is usually smoother and feels less grip. There are also differences at the cutting edges. Faux leathers usually have a very smooth cut, while genuine leather at the edge is rather fibrous. This is due to the natural skin structure of the animal.

Leather Bags Switzerland: These features has a high quality leather bag

A good leather bag from Switzerland or another country of manufacture should not only look good. It should also give you as much pleasure as possible for a long time. The quality of the bag must be right. The following features are crucial if you want to find out how high a product is.

Is it high quality leather?

Leather is the same as leather? That is not right. Although leather is in most cases higher quality than artificial leather. However, there are some major differences in the quality of genuine leather. The material used also affects the price accordingly. There are three basic levels of leather. A distinction is made between full-grain leather, top grain leather and split leather.

Full grain leather is the highest quality leather. It is the most robust leather and repels water to a large extent. It is made from the skin of the animal, which lies directly under his hair. Even scars, such as mosquito bites, can be seen on a bag made from it. This is not a quality defect.

Top grain leather is slightly less high quality than full grain leather. The uppermost skin layer of the animal was removed in this variant. This leather is therefore usually a little thinner. Split leather is the worst quality variant of genuine leather. Here, thick skin layers are cut into smaller pieces. This creates layers. Split leather is usually less elastic than high-quality leather.

Incidentally, there is also a middle ground between leather and artificial leather. This is also known as "fake leather". Leather residues are mixed with plastics such as polyurethane or latex. In this variant, the proportion of real leather varies. It can be very low or very high. 

Functionality is important

A good bag is functional - and therefore always dependent on your individual requirements. So the leather bag should of course match your style. It should also have all the desired elements.

Do you need a lot of different inner or outer pockets? If this is not the case, many subjects can in turn be unnecessary - and thus something you can do without. You may also have specific ideas about what you want to carry in your bag. Make sure it fits in your pocket. This is especially true for electronic devices such as laptops or tablets.

The zipper should not hook

The zipper of a bag is an important quality feature. Check this exactly. Can he open and close comfortably? Or does it hook in places? Is the zipper perhaps not liquid? 

Especially robust are usually wider zippers. These can be operated very comfortably. Also make sure that this spot is waterproof, if that should be an important criterion for you.

The seams: perfect and straight?

Your next look should fall on the seams of the bag. Are they sewn without errors? Are the seams straight, are they exactly parallel, depending on the seam pattern? Are there any threads that stick out? Again, you'll know if you're dealing with a quality leather bag or not.. 

The strap: It has to be comfortable

The carrying strap or straps of a handbag or a weekend bag are also important when it comes to their quality. You decide whether the leather bag is comfortable to wear. The handle should be soft and have no hard edges or seams. Otherwise, it will hurt easily if you carry something more in your bag. Even after prolonged wear, the handle should not be uncomfortable.

For larger bags an often existing shoulder strap is crucial. Is he well padded? Does not he slip too easily? A visually great bag is not functional when it is uncomfortable or impractical to actually wear it. 

Haptics, cuts and surfaces

A good leather bag attracts attention with its extraordinary feel. The leather is soft and flexible, yet durable and sturdy. When pressed, such as through a fingernail, the material gives way slightly at this point. The impression can be seen for a short period of time before disappearing again.

Make sure that all parts of the bag are cut evenly. The surface of the bag should be largely even. However, depending on which leather is, kinks, wrinkles or minor scars are normal.

The latter is quite normal especially with full grain leather. It is the uppermost skin layer. Any injuries on the skin of the animal can be seen on the leather. The quality does not affect this.

Are important points reinforced?

A good handbag must be able to withstand a lot. You should not have after a short time, places that have already become thinner. Otherwise, holes will be created quickly. 

For this it is important that particularly vulnerable places have been reinforced in the manufacturing process of the bag. Is the material thick enough at the corners? Or have sensitive areas been strengthened in other ways to protect them from damage?

Where does the bag come from?

Also in the production of leather bags there are big differences. Rely on a manufacturer who stands for quality. Check where the bag was made.

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