What advantages does a trolley have?

Let’s get on a journey. The holidays are booked. So the first step is done, you can start packing. But before everything is taken out of the cupboard and the packing begins, one last question needs to be clarified: Which luggage do you take with you? To buy a trolley which is right, is not easy. There is a lot to consider when deciding which is the right one. It should be light, practical and at the same time a reliable companion who ideally goes through life with you. Here you can learn about my personal experiences with the most important tips and tricks for you to buy a trolley.

The trolley is the classical number one piece of luggage: equipped with a telescopic handle and wheels, it can be easily dragged around the world and offers plenty of space and order. But that's it with the common denominator, because trolleys are not just trolleys. There are countless sizes, variants and shapes. But before you worry about which trolley to buy, it's a good idea to do some research.
I usually start on the Internet and let myself be inspired online before I buy a trolley: What are the latest trends? Are there any helpful new designs, technologies or functions? Search online for the most important keywords, read articles and experience reports on travel blogs, look at the test winners and go directly to the websites of specific luggage manufacturers. It's worth searching for providers in your region. What good is it if your trolley has already traveled halfway around the world before you can buy and use it?
If you have an overview of the possibilities and offers to buy a trolley, it becomes concrete. My recommendation: Online research is the ideal start to get a first overview to buy a trolley. But in order to actually decide on the right travel companion, you need to go to the stores. This is the only way to find out whether the trolley is right for you, whether the weight and size meet your expectations and whether you can find and buy a trolley which is perfect, light and reliable to you. The ideal all-round provider offers you the best luggage solutions across all channels, whether online or offline. For a Pack Easy trolley, you can first search for your suitable trolley on the website, read customer opinions and, once you have made a rough selection, you can get advice directly in store: whether in our own boutique in Emmen, Lucerne or in one of the many sales outlets in cities all over Switzerland. Or combine the experience to buy a trolley with a trip to the Bürgenstock in the Sky Boutique, where you will immediately feel like travelling and on holiday.

But back to the selection criteria. Let's start with the size and the weight - two essential points when it comes to buy a trolley. You can buy a trolley in various sizes: from the handy cabin trolley to the large XXL trolley. Think about your usual travel destinations and your preferred travel style. Make sure that you buy a trolley that meets the approved measurements of airlines: Especially if you buy a trolley as hand luggage, it is important to pay attention to the size specifications of the airlines. After all, you don't want to stand at the check-in counter and suddenly realize that your trolley is too big to go into the cabin. A hand luggage trolley is ideal for a weekend excursion, a business trip or as additional luggage if you are going on longer journeys. Buying a medium sized trolley is worthwhile if you are planning a 2-week beach holiday or traveling for autumn or spring holidays. Buy a large trolley if you frequently travel long distances, where there is enough space for shopping sins and souvenirs. Or if you go on holiday by car and want to pack the luggage of two people in one suitcase. Of course, size and weight are related. The bigger a trolley, the heavier it is. When it comes to weight, it is particularly important that you are at a point of sale where you have a direct comparison. Be aware of the type of trips you buy a trolley for. If you know that you often have to drag the trolley over longer distances and that you may also find yourself in impassable terrain, then opt for a somewhat handier, light trolley and do without the heavy XXL trolley.
The material is connected to the weight. A distinction is made between hardshell and softshell. It is best to ask the sales staff for specific information as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials. A hardshell trolley can be made of various materials such as ABS or polycarbonate. The choice of the right material is crucial for the durability and robustness of the trolley. Depending on the material, the trolley may appear stable at first glance, but it must be packed fully for high resistance, because half empty it does not have sufficient stability and gets dented. When you see how the airlines deal with the travel luggage and what forces and weight they need to withstand, it is not surprising that some dents are predestined if the material is not 100% reliable. Trolley shells made of materials that are inherently very strong rarely have indentations, but are usually a few grams heavier than the lighter, less resistant materials. Similar to weight and size, travel style and destination also play an important role in the material. If you buy a hardshell trolley, you have the advantage that dirt can be wiped off the shell relatively easily, regardless of the material. However, they are more vulnerable to scratches. Another advantage is that you can usually unfold the trolley halfway and have two halves of the same size, which you can pack ideally.

If you buy a trolley that is made of soft material, you have the great advantage that it often has outside or side pockets that are ideal for storing the most important things such as travel documents or magazines that you want to have at hand at all times. In addition, the soft luggage is stretchable and can be expanded thanks to the stretch pleat, for additional space. A softshell trolley is particularly practical because of its flexibility. The light weight is another reason that you want to buy a soft trolley. In contrast to hardshell luggage, soft trolleys usually cannot be opened in half, but they have a lid, which means that you need less space in the accommodation than a completely foldable hardshell trolley. A disadvantage is that the soft trolley made of fabrics such as nylon or polyester is more sensitive to dirt than a trolley made of a hardshell.

At first glance it may seem like just a detail, but believe me: The wheels are the real heart of the trolley and are decisive for characteristics such as lightness, reliability, trust and longevity. In the past, the average trolley was always equipped with two or even four wheels. With such a trolley it is easy to manoeuvre over uneven paths, pavements or cobblestones. On flat roads a trolley with four wheels is better suited, because you can push it upright and comfortably and you don't have to pull it behind you like a 2 wheel trolley. It is more agile and does not require much effort to push. But I recommend you to buy a trolley with 8 wheels: Sounds like a lot, but the 4 double wheels convince with stability and functionality and can be rolled around with ease. Balance and ideal running characteristics make a trolley with double wheels a reliable companion.

No matter if two, four or eight reels - when it comes to the handle, the golden rules are always the same. A good trolley has a pull-out handle that can be locked at various heights and can be lowered to save space when not in use. In the store, make sure you buy a trolley which rods are stable and do not flutter. You can also use the trolley handle to attach other items such as laptop bags.

Once you have dealt with technical details such as size, weight, material, wheels and handle in the shop, the more emotional selection criteria come into play.

As per usual, the price also plays an important role. So think about your budget before you go to the store to buy a trolley and let the sales staff know it. This way you can make a preselection. My tip: Do not buy a trolley with the lowest price. The danger that this trolley will show defects after a short time, that it will have slotty wheels and that it will cost you a lot of nerves and time is too big. It is better to invest a little more and make sure that the trolley becomes a long-term and reliable travel companion.

We associate holidays and travel with great experiences, joy, relaxation and adventure. So it is important that you buy a trolley that awakens the same feelings in you. Buy a trolley that suits your personality or your favourite colour: stylish and elegant, colourful and bright, courageous and crazy or serious and simple. If you want it more personal, Pack Easy offers individualized, distinctive trolleys (LINK). When you buy a trolley, always remember: you want to have fun with it and see it as a reliable companion for your future journeys.

Have fun when you buy a trolley and I wish you a great journey!