Home Office - this is how to balance between work and cosiness

Hardly anything has gained as much importance in recent weeks and months as our home. Our own four walls are currently also the only four walls, at least for those of us whose professional activities permit this. The home office obligation has Switzerland firmly in its grip and is changing the way we live. Where children also have to be home-schooled, chaos is inevitable. 

If you stroll through the neighbourhood early in the morning, you catch a glimpse of laptops in the children's room through brightly lit windows, flat screens on the kitchen table, pens, paper and charging cables between coffee cups and water glasses. 

But what does a home office actually have to be? Beautiful, comfortable, functional or constantly available? That's what Pack Easy's migratory bird is thinking about.

Cocooning – a trend gets a new boost

Cocooning – ein Trend erhält neuen Aufschwung

Forced or voluntary, never before have we spent so much time in our living spaces. Cocooning is the name of this trend of complete withdrawal into the private sphere, of spending time at home as a leisure activity. Coziness is at the center of it. But far be it from anyone who now thinks of baggy sweaters, trainer pants and laptops on the nightstand. While this is undeniably comfortable, sooner or later it inevitably brings to light a certain lethargy that acts like poison on the already stricken mood and spreads to all family members. We know how to stop that! Because the Pack Easy migratory bird knows all about tight conditions in the home nest and many hungry mouths to feed. And he knows that order is the be-all and end-all of successful cocooning. If you can quickly and neatly tidy up the things lying around, you can turn the dining table into a functional workplace in no time at all and create a nicely laid table for the family snack break.

Small helpers with a big effect

Little helper homeoffice

Discover our home office products "Mobile at Home" for men and women.

The purchase of an ergonomic desk for each member of the family, plus optimally matched chairs and lights, this is impossible for most of us, and not wanted! After all, we are proud of our homey living room! But thanks to persistent mobility restrictions, perhaps the travel account will register a surplus and finance a few little helpers with which we can set up an uncluttered workspace. And if we replace cardboard boxes and plastic folders with fine leather accessories, work becomes twice as much fun! Even notepads and laptops are wrapped in elegant writing cases, the charging station gets a cell phone holder, and the rest of the odds and ends disappear into our chic pocket organizers. In no time at all, we create an environment where ideas are born and work comes easily to us. And the accessories can do much more!

From Homeoffice to mobile Office

Vom Homeoffice zum Mobileoffice

The Pack Easy home office set is not only practical and pretty to look at. Combined with the right bag or a spacious backpack, all utensils can be transformed into a mobile office in no time. Don't forget your wallet, keys, and FeelSafe  mask set, and you're ready for a quick trip back to work when a customer appointment comes up or when home office duties are relaxed.

Homeoffice «away from home»

Homeoffice away from Home

Discover our home office products - "Away from Home" for men and women.

Fortunately, the home office duty does not only bring restrictions, but also allows us unexpected freedoms. It has never been so easy to escape the gloomy days of February. Because as long as the laptop travels with us, we're allowed to leave the fog line behind and let the sun shine on our noses in the mountains. In one bag the workplace, in the other clothes, winter shoes and cosmetic bag. In the stylish Weekender there is room for everything you need for a few days in the second office.

Pack Easy leather accessories and bags are extremely robust and durable, they are made to be packed and unpacked for many years and become loyal companions to us on our travels, professional or private. We creatures are less durable and therefore not only the Pack Easy migratory bird flies year after year to the south to soak up the sun, but also on us every little break from the dreary pandemic everyday life acts like a source of energy.