Upcycling in style: sustainable SBB ReMake bags made from departure posters

Although digitalization has not stopped at Swiss railroad stations and digital departure boards are very common, the traditional yellow departure boards still hang at every station. For many decades, they have faithfully provided passengers with information about the next train connection.
But what happens to the old posters when the annual timetable change is due and they are replaced? Throw them away? No. Upcycling? Yes, they can!

SBB awarded Pack Easy a project to design and manufacture new upcycling products. We used the old departure posters to design spacious shoppers and practical bag emptiers - each one unique in Switzerland. Produced in sunny Ticino and available exclusively in the SBB store.

Schnittmuster SBB ReMake Shopper

Sustainability should continue to be guaranteed for the bags

"An incredibly great project, but not without challenges," says Roberto, the owner of production, as he deftly balances his large scissors in his fingers: "The material of the yellow departure posters is challenging. To give the shopper enough stability for its future journeys, it is coated with a special black lining."
The shopper is sewn on the wrong side like a piece of clothing. The turning to the right side is carried out by hand with particular care and precision. Any signs of wear on the bag material should not come from the production process. Enjoy the second life of this new bag.

SBB ReMake Tasche Futter und Vernähen

Products that tell stories - a project from the heart

Roberto's enthusiasm for the project is palpable: "With their traces of use, the products tell a fascinating story from their previous life, when they were still 'in the service' of thousands of passengers. These traces of use make the product unique. Now it is up to each proud owner to write their own stories about the SBB ReMake Shopper."

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Griffe und Logo SBB  ReMake Tasche