Summer, Sun, Sunshine - 9 Unique Bathing Paradises in Switzerland

Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenschein – 9 einzigartige Badeparadiese in der Schweiz

From a bird's eye view it becomes clear how Switzerland got its glorious nickname"Water Castle of Europe". Countless rivers and streams meander through meadows and forests, and some 1500 lakes glow dark blue to turquoise green in the summer landscape. Today, the migratory bird from Pack easy takes you on a very special tour de Suisse and reveals where a dip in the cool water is particularly worthwhile.

3 historic baths that charm

Marzili Bern

Marzili Bern

Image Source: Sportamt der Stadt Bern

An excursion to the national capital is worthwhile for many reasons, the Marzili being one of them. Here you can sunbathe on the banks of the Aare with a view of the Federal Parliament building. Probably the best-known open-air swimming pool in Bern, it is only 300 metres from the Swiss parliament building and has large sunbathing lawns, idyllic seating areas directly on the riverbank, a women's section and a family area with a baby pool. From the children's pool to the diving pool or 50-metre pool, visitors are spoilt for choice. And if you are an experienced swimmer and prefer to cool off in the river water, you can walk from Marzili along the banks of the Aare towards Eichholz and let yourself be carried back by the current. And the best thing about it: admission to the beautiful city pool is free for everyone. 

Outdoor Pool Luzern

Seebadi Luzern

The historic lakeside resort of Lucerne was built in 1884-1885 by Lucerne architect Heinrich Victor von Segesser and rebuilt countless times in its 100-year history. Since 2010 it has been resplendent in its current splendour, but still exudes the charm of the Belle Epoque. Two swimming pools in the centre forms excluded courtyards surrounded by simple changing rooms. Those who prefer to swim in the lake enjoy an unobstructed view of the local mountain Pilatus and the surrounding mountains. In addition to travellers and day-trippers, the unique wooden lake bath attracts city dwellers seeking refreshment from their offices and homes, who cavort on the deck until the cool evening hours and end the day with Caribbean drinks.

Rhybadi Schaffhausen

Rhybadi Schaffhausen

For over 140 years, the Rhybadi Schaffhausen has been located on the banks of the Rhine, making it the oldest box bath in Switzerland. The historic river bath has been renovated countless times with respect for the original architecture. Visitors fall for the unique charm of the wooden loungers, river pools and colourful parasols. Those who lie here enjoy not only their holiday reading, but also the view of passing ducks and swans and the lush greenery of the opposite bank of the Rhine. Part of the ship-like construction is equipped with an intermediate floor, so swimmers and non-swimmers can let themselves drift along the Rhine - with a unique view of the Munot. The city's landmark is also in view for those who attend the early morning yoga classes or drop in late at night for a concert or after-work swim. 

3 dreamy sandy beaches to banish wanderlust

Mythenquai, lake Zürich

Mythenquai, Zürichsee

The Mythenquai lido is located between the Zurich districts of Wollishofen and Enge at the gates of Switzerland's largest city. The best way to get there is to take the boat from Bürkliplatz to Enge harbour and then walk along the lake. The white turnstile cannot be missed and leads its visitors directly into the bathing paradise:Sprawling, green sunbathing lawns with mighty, shade-giving trees and a breathtaking mountain panorama in the distance make for a dreamy holiday setting. The 250-metre-long sandy beach, the green-blue lake and the coast glistening in the sun on the other shore transport you involuntarily to faraway lands. Thanks to the diving tower and various fins, table tennis, ping-pong,stand-up paddle rental, book boxes, yoga classes and a spacious children'swimming area with playground, the whole family can spend a relaxing holiday here.

Avegno, Maggia

In der kristallklaren, von Bergseen gespeisten Maggia mit den ausgewaschenen Steinformationen zu baden, ist ein Highlight jeder Ferien im Tessin. Ein Badeplatz ist dort, wo sich Besucher auf den heissen Steinen in der Sonne rekeln. Doch wer das ruhigere Gewässer bevorzugt und einfach mal wieder Sand zwischen den Zehen spüren möchte, findet nahe der Hängebrücke nördlich von Avegno ein kleines, aber feines Strandidyll, das die ganze Familie zum Verweilen einlädt. Und wer des Badens müde ist, entdeckt mit Avegno ein äusserst pittoreskes Tessiner Dorf, in dem sich des «dolce far niente» nach Herzenslust frönen lässt. Mehr Infos:

Swimming in the crystal-clear Maggia with its washed-out stone formations, fed by mountain lakes, is a highlight of any holiday in Ticino. A bathing spot is where visitors loll in the sun on the hot stones. But those who prefer the calmer waters and simply want to feel sand between their toes again will find a small but fine beach idyll near the suspension bridge north of Avegno that invites the whole family to linger. And if you are tired of swimming, Avegno is an extremely picturesque Ticino village where you can indulge in "dolce far niente" to your heart's content.

Lorelei Bathing Islands, Lake of Uri

The Lorelei bathing islands are located in the Reuss delta on the Lake of Uri off Altdorf and can be easily reached by boat, train or car from Flüelen or by Tell bus from nearby Lucerne. Most of the delta is a nature reserve where you can observe a wide variety of flora and fauna. In the midst of this wonderful nature, however, there is also a touch of South Sea feeling. The three bathing islands were filled with material from the Gotthard Base Tunnel and are about the size of a football field. Here you can enjoy your time-out on wonderfully sandy ground - but beware: to enjoy the islands, you have to swim across. Or you can paddle into paradise in a rubber boat or air mattress. Incidentally, the area around the Lorelei is well equipped with picnic spots, barbecue areas and children's playgrounds.

3 idyllic islands that ignite the spirit of adventure

Caumasee, Flims

Caumasee, Flims

Lake Cauma is an oasis of well-being in the middle of the coniferous forests of Flims. Although the "Pearl of the Alps", as Lake Cauma is also called, is located in Graubünden, visitors like to think they are in foreign climes. The turquoise to deep blue mountain water, in which the house-high spruces are reflected, and the lively interplay of sun and shade lend the mountain lake something mysterious and at the same time calming.

The full splendour of the lake paradise is revealed to visitors on the walk around the mountain lake. All along the shore, beautiful beaches invite you to linger and a small mysterious island awaits you to be explored by swimming or by boat or pedalo. Visitors can also get active playing volleyball or stand-up paddling.

Thanks to the underground feed and the wind-protected location, Lake Cauma reaches temperatures of up to 24 degrees Celsius, wonderful temperatures for a summer bathing experience in a class of its own!

Île d’Ogoz, Greyerzersee

The charming island of Ogoz is ideal for adventurers young and old. Two castle ruins are waiting to be discovered by visitors, while lakeside barbecue areas and shady trees create small secluded spots for long summer days of swimming fun. When the water level is low, the small island in Lake Gruyère becomes a peninsula and can even be visited on foot if the lake level is below 668 metres. Otherwise, a boat shuttle takes guests to the island and shortens the crossing with fairytale stories about the dilapidated castle and the St-Théodule chapel. 

Île Chive, lac Walen

Schnittlauch-Insel, Walensee

The chive island, which is only 80 metres long and 20 metres wide, lies 320 metres from the shore in the middle of Lake Walen. The wild island, whose name immediately stings the nose of every visitor, is only accessible to the public by boat and is swallowed up by the depths of the lake when the water is high.On the island is a mysterious letterbox, a kind of message in a bottle from visitor to visitor with reports of their island adventures. A BBQ on Chive Island is just the thing for those who prefer to indulge in summer pleasures far away from the bathing crowds and sandy beaches

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