Safe and comfortable on the road - these tips will ensure a relaxed start to your holiday

Be honest, are you starting the holidays relaxed? If so, you belong to a fortunate minority who were either born with the gift of packing, who have Marie Kondos bibles piled up on their bedside tables, or you are one of the enviable species who simply don't let anything or anyone get them down. For many of us, however, our nerves are on edge at the start of the holidays.

The car is filled up and loaded, the journey can begin. But is the toothbrush really in the suitcase? It's better to check again quickly. The good thing is found in no time, but once the suitcase has been rummaged through, it's not so easy to close it. So you take out your hiking boots, throw them on top and throw in a liter or two of water, because who knows how long the trip will last. Favorite book? Charging cable? Provisions? You guessed it, this game can be repeated countless times. When the journey finally starts, the mood is often at rock bottom!

Shaking his head, the Pack Easy migratory bird watches the dizzying back and forth. But it's not that difficult! With a little system, even the inexperienced packer can make a stress-free and relaxed start to the holidays.


Bag in Bag - packing in Babushka principle

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In the Pack Easy Homeoffice-Collection you will find lots of little helpers that make packing your suitcase a child's play.

Do you remember the small, brightly painted wooden dolls, in whose thick bellies a slightly smaller version always appears? If you pack your suitcases according to the Babushka principle, you'll keep things tidy at all times and keep an overview even after any search attacks. How the home office becomes a mobile office, and how you can easily add a long weekend? Find out in the last blog of Pack Easy.

Today we want to pack the big suitcases and go to a well-deserved holiday somewhere in the Alps.

For T-shirts, shirts, blouses or shoes are suitable travel organizers in all sizes and shapes. Shampoo, sunscreen, toothpaste and other hygiene products are in small transparent cosmetic bags to see them easier from the outside, and make sure, nothing was forgotten. Small gaps between the various bags can be stuffed with socks or rolled-up jeans, so that nothing is flung back and forth on the trip.

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Safe on the road with travel tips from the TCS professionals

Gepackter Kofferraum mit UpHill Pack Easy Koffer

THe suitcases are packed and we face the next challenge. How do you safely stow suitcases, bags and sports equipment in the trunk? Even Pack Easy migratory bird is clueless and seeks advice from the professionals at the Touring Club Switzerland. And the first hint from the car travel experts creates a certain "aha" effect! Because who keeps warning vest and breakdown triangle under a heavy suitcase load, will not reach it easily anymore. They belong in the glove compartment or side compartment, just like vehicle documents and identification papers. Heavy suitcases and bags should be placed at the bottom of the luggage and as close to the backrest as possible. Lighter bags and items are placed on top, but should not be stacked higher than the backrest. A tie-down strap provides additional security and prevents luggage from flying through the car during an emergency stop. Do not leave the water bottles mentioned for boarding lying around loose under any circumstances, because even a PET bottle becomes a deadly projectile in the event of emergency braking at low speed! Where children and pets are travelling along, further precautions must of course be taken. But now our two travellers are finally ready and start their road trip happy and confident.

 Convenient storage miracle with electric drive

gepackter Kofferraum

As Confucius once said: The journey is the destination! And Switzerland as a travel destination really has a lot to offer. Winding mountain passes, picturesque landscapes, views over lakes and mountains. It's worth leaving the highway for a while and driving through awakening nature and remote villages. In the all-electric Volvo XC40 Recharge, we drive safely, dynamically and almost silently through the countryside and look out for a nice spot for a first spring picnic. Not only the driver, but also the body and soul enjoy little rest breaks.

Such a road trip is a perfect mix of romance and nostalgia and should definitely be savoured to the fullest. Our travellers also look for of a cosy place to spend the night, where they can not only recharge their batteries, but also recharge the batteries of their electric car. Of course, this won't take a whole night, but it's s a much more comfortable option than staying next to the charging station at the gas station.

Turning the fully packed trunk upside down during a stopover? No way! The Volvo XC40 Recharge is a true storage miracle, because where the engine usually is located, there's room for a Weekender, and with just one move to grab the bag, our travellers disappear happily into the hotel lobby.


Arrive relaxed

Pack Easy UpHill Kollektion

Kofferraum offen

After a restful night at the hotel and a lovely breakfast, the journey can continue and after a few hours our travellers finally reach their holiday destination. Thanks to the orderliness of the trunk, unloading is again easy. The bag with the groceries is already in the kitchen, the mobile home office is brought into the living room, the suitcase into the bedroom and the sports equipment is neatly stored in the garage. Clothes are also tucked away in wardrobes and drawers in no time at all, because the practical travel organizers allow underwear, T-shirts and sportswear to be stored directly in the wardrobe. Pants and shirts are hung over hangers, the Weekender disappears into the empty suitcase and is pushed under the bed until departure. Stressed from the trip, unloading or unpacking suitcases? Not at all! While our travellers stroll through their resort and make plans for the next day, the Pack Easy migratory bird dreams of its own next trip.