Norway's coast by boat

Much more than trolls and fjords

Recently, Mik returned from a sea voyage along the spectacular Norwegian coast. The classic postal ship route 'Krystruten', as the eventful sea voyage is called, is world-famous and considered one of Norway's very big attractions. Ships sail along the entire coast between Bergen and Kirkenes all year round. Guests call at 35 charming ports during their twelve-day journey. Mik's suitcase easily found room on board. She found trolley suitcases particularly practical for a cruise, as she could easily roll them down the gangway and through corridors.

A fleet of brand new hybrid ships features environmentally friendly technologies.The ships are powered by liquefied gas, and are additionally equipped with a battery pack. This makes it possible to sail long fjords fully electrically and silently. On board, there are panoramic and lounge areas, a sun deck and awalk-through bow, a sauna and a heated whirlpool on deck, as well as a shop,bar, restaurants and 179 comfortable cabins and suites. What particularly impressed Mik as a gourmand were the delicious dishes. On board, culinary highlights are prepared from regional and seasonal products. The Swiss Made leather clutch Lad is the perfect companion for a glamorous appearance


Superlatives are one thing in themselves, but to experience the entire country of Norway in a single trip on what is probably the most beautiful sea voyage in the world makes every traveller's heart beat faster. During twelve days at sea, Mik experienced picturesque fjord excursions, marvelled at majestic mountain peaks and stopped in tiny fishing villages and cities like Bergen, Ålesund or Trondheim. A visit to Hammerfestwas a prominent waypoint, as this outpost of Norwegian civilization is the northernmost city in the world.

The inquisitive travel bird also visited Tromsø, Norway's capital of the Arctic, and explored the world's northernmost brewery there, among other things. About halfway between Bergen and Kirkenes is the seemingly unreal mountain range of the Seven Sisters. According to a legend, these mountains were formed by seven troll sisters who were caught illegally atsunrise, turned to stone and thus formed the seven peaks, which are up to 1100 metres high. Mik particularly liked the dreamlike Lofoten Islands with their small, colourful villages, steep mountainsides and obvious Viking heritage. The Vesterålen archipelago is characterized by the most beautiful natural landscapes on the entire route. It may be an imaginary line on a world map, but crossing the Arctic Circle was a very special experience for Mik. From here on, the sun does not dip below the horizon in summer, or only for a moment.

The northern part of Norway is sparsely populated, wild, pristine - and simply wonderfully beautiful. From autumn to spring, a unique natural spectacle enchants the sky of an ever-lengthening night in these lonely regions: in the winter half-year, the mystical green aurora borealis dances in the firmament, giving the rugged nature a particularly magical and unforgettable stage set.