Mik's discovery flight over Swiss vineyards

Genuss and inspiring landscapes unite in the Swiss vineyards to create unique experiences. Hikes, pick nicks, walks and a glass of wine in one of the wineries here and there. Wine culture in Switzerland has a lot to offer and can be experienced in many different ways. As PACK EASY Vogel I flew over my home country for you and looked at the most beautiful wine hikes and experiences in the vineyards.
High up
Below the Heidadorf Visperterminen in the Valais Alps lies Europe's largest continuous vineyard at an altitude of between 650 and 1150 metres. Thanks to high dry-stone walls, the terraces extend over 500 metres above sea level, where the typical grape variety Heida, also known as the "Pearl of Alpine Wines", thrives in one of the least rainy regions with plenty of sunshine until autumn. A hike through the unique area from Visp via Visperterminen to Unterstalden impresses with its scenery and offers cultural knowledge about wine thanks to the information boards along the vineyard nature trail. If you would like to apply the knowledge you have learnt right away, take a detour to the St. Jodern winery, of course with the option of tasting local wines.
And it continues with a record-breaking Swiss vineyard. In Switzerland lies not only the largest, but also the oldest existing winery in Europe. The Salenegg winery in Maienfeld, Graubünden, has been cultivating wine since 1068. Schloss Salenegg is steeped in history in the middle of the vineyards, where guided tours, wine tastings and overnight stays are offered that give you a grand boost.
World Heritage
From Graubünden I fly further across the country to the Lake Geneva region. Here lies the Lavaux wine-growing region between Lausanne and Montreux, which with 830 hectares is one of the most beautiful and also one of the largest vineyards. Well-marked hiking trails offer a breathtaking view of Lake Geneva and the surrounding Alps, while you stroll through the impressive, steep wine terraces. No wonder the Lavaux vineyards have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And here, too, the many winegrowing families tempt you with wine tastings and visits to their beautiful cellars and vineyards. Traditionally, every village in the region has its own wine cellar, and private carnotzets, traditional bars and cellar vaults are added to taste the delicious local wines. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, you can take the tourist train "Lavaux Panoramic" or the street train "Lavaux Express" and explore the region on four wheels.
Overnight stay in a barrel
If you haven't had enough, treat yourself to a night in a wine barrel. In Trasadingen, Schaffhausen, there are eleven new wooden barrel rooms in the middle of the vines, which line up like in a traditional wine cellar. If you like, you can also spend the night in one of the older, rustic barrels. To round off the evening, you can treat yourself to a glass of your own wine in the wine tavern. In the vineyards of Trasadingen you can find Pinot Noir, as is the case in Pinot Noir Land, as well as Kerner and Cabernet Jura on typical Klettgau limestone soils.
We see - in vino veritas - the beauty of the Swiss countryside combined with moments of enjoyment that make vineyards blossom into a culinary and eventful highlight. And perhaps I could inspire you to take a trip or even a weekend trip to one of Switzerland's diverse and beautiful vineyard regions.
Talk to me! I am looking forward to further insider tips and personal favourite places in the Swiss vineyards in the comments below.
Prost and Santé, your Mik