Courage for a digital detox - SPA for body and soul

It takes courage to simply sit down and let your mind wander.

It's not just mental work that gets us where we want to go; sometimes it's better to simply use your hands and immerse yourself in the here and now. So get away from the screen. The computer is good for getting your ideas into shape, but it also brings out the uptight perfectionist in us.

Over time, our own thoughts can become restrictive and hinder our creativity. We are then stuck in an endless loop. The brain gets used to what surrounds us every day and so it can easily become routine and ultimately lead to mental congestion and mental frustration. That's why it's better to distance yourself from your familiar surroundings from time to time than to always stay in the same rut. So pack your weekender and treat yourself to a change of scenery - after all, sometimes knowledge is simply in the distance.

Zuhause - das eigne Spa

Your own SPA at home

Spring cleaning and tidying up means cleaning and creating space - both spatially and for new thoughts and ideas. When everyone is at home and we can hardly find any peace and quiet for ourselves, we should take an active break. In other words, simply take a courageous break for an hour and go for a walk on your own, taking in the landscape and the spring awakening. If you can't get out, enjoy some time out in the bathtub or pamper yourself with music and a great book. You are sure to have more than one exciting book next to your bed that has been waiting to be read for a long time.

No smartphone, no laptop, no tablet.

It's the same picture everywhere: on the train, at the bus stop, in the café. People stare at their screens and no longer notice the real world because of all the digital distractions. It's every man for himself. Interpersonal, social and communicative habits are increasingly being lost. The feeling of having to be constantly available and not wanting to miss anything leads to constant use of and dependence on the online world.

It's time to simply switch off for a while and slow down. To do a digital detox. A detox from digital permanence. No smartphone, no laptop, no tablet.

Consciously taking a break from being online all the time is a sensible thing that everyone should consider. With these 5 tips for the offline and online world, you can achieve a digital detox:

      1. Flight mode on: In a meeting or during a lecture, simply switch your device to flight mode and the urge to check it every minute will disappear. Incidentally, this tip also works when you're having coffee with friends.
      2. Unfriend and delete: Remove random acquaintances and annoying permanent posters from your online friends list. Your timeline will be clearer, smaller and more attractive. The same applies to apps: delete unnecessary games, news or lifestyle applications that you hardly ever use.
      3. Offline bedroom: Do you reach for your smartphone first thing when you wake up and last thing before you go to sleep? Change that and make your bedroom a gadget-free offline zone.
      4. Rest and time: Many of us spend several hours online every day. During a digital detox, you suddenly realize how much time you have left for other (more important) things. Enjoy this new peace and time. Go for a walk, read a book, write a to-do list (with pen and paper, of course) or simply spend more time with family and friends.
      5. Detox vacation: The best days of the year without the internet and smartphone? Try to be offline for a few days during your vacations and do without WLAN and co. In Switzerland, more and more hotels are making it easier for their guests to consciously stay offline with various offers.


Places of power: please recharge your batteries

The unit used to indicate the strength of places of power is called Bovis. Defined by a commuter who determines the intensity of an energy field. Do we have to measure or even commute if we intuitively feel good in a place? "I didn't feel anything, but it was so beautiful." This is how it sounds when we talk about a powerful place. What is certain is that there are places in this world whose beauty makes our hearts soar; that bring the mind to the edge of understanding and that soothe the eye and calm the pulse. These moments of power, in which we consciously feel well-being and which enchant us without any hocus-pocus, are worth discovering. These tips are the discoveries of the Pack Easy crew.

You don't need to travel far to find small places of power. The passage of the Little Emme is a symbol of life. It shows how a calmly flowing body of water has to overcome temporary obstacles and can become turbulent in the process. But enriched with oxygen and new insights, it can continue on its way as a calm body of water. Sometimes it is an invitation to accept the stillness and slow down the pace so that positive things can emerge.


Tree-like energy

With every breath we take, we are a part of nature. Even living in the city, far away from a pristine landscape, does not change this. Old trees are surrounded by a magical spell. Their aura radiates far beyond their crown. The oak grove, Witwald near Wildenstein Castle, is one of the few preserved medieval cultural landscapes. Just imagine: When the oldest oaks began to grow on Wildenstein, Columbus was not even underway on his Santa Maria. If that's not a reason to admire these monuments.

An exciting book recommendation on the life of old trees: "The secret life of trees" by Peter Wohlleben.