The Indispensable Lightness of Being

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D.A.N.C.E through Spring with Pack Easy

When Spring awakens, life reveals its multifaceted beauty. Every ray of sunshine sparks irrepressible energy and anticipation of what lies ahead. While we can't always steer the ups and downs of our being, we can keep moving and become the choreographers of our life journey.

To Travel is to Live

Are travel and dance related? Not at first sight, but let's take a closer look:

and travellers are masters of improvisation. Even if they follow a rigid routine or a predefined itinerary, they always find room to let themselves be carried away by the flow of life.
dance or any journey sparks with an impulse, rhythm, and images delivering a boost of inspiration.
destination is as important as the journey, the encounters, and the impressions gained on the way. It’s magical moments between humans and nature that put a smile on the dancer's and traveller's faces.
choreographies are a masterpiece of loud and quiet moments, an alternation of suspense and rest, and the joyful anticipation of what lies ahead.
the dazzling beauty of Spring and movement while joining the Swiss dance community in bustling cities and some of the most remote places in the country.

"Das Tanzfest" attracts young and old and fills the second half of May with energy and laughter.

Zurich dances, will you join in?
For ten days, Zurich transforms into a giant dance floor. Grab your hand luggage and treat yourself to a short break in the streets of the bustling city. Cultural and dance institutes open their doors to visitors of all ages and invite you to join their classes and public performances on the street. If you want to take in the atmosphere first, hop on the charming "Polybähnli" and travel within just 100 seconds to the spacious terrace of the ETH, which offers spectacular views across rooftops and streets. For creative breaks and rest, stroll along the river Limmat or the shores of Lake Zurich and find your favourite relaxation spot.

Rails are made for journeys, not destinations.
Switzerland has many faces, and Puschlav in the Grisons is undoubtedly one of the lesser known. Although even just the train ride itself to the Italian-speaking valley near the border to northern Italy is worth the trip. Feel the calming effects of the passing landscape with its crystal-clear mountain lakes, rough rocks, and green forests, and take in the stunning views. The historic town of Poschiavo exudes Mediterranean flair, a bit like Ticino, just in the Alps and with fewer tourists. The Piazza Comunale is the meeting place in the village. Here, where you can stretch your tired legs after an exhausting day of hiking, young and old gather during the "Festa Danzante", and the otherwise quiet alleyways are filled with music and rhythm.

Slow down on the shores of Lake Geneva
When the whole of Switzerland dances, the French-speaking parts naturally join in. Geneva, Lausanne, Neuchâtel - all the well-known places that welcome travellers from all over the world. But a few smaller lakeside communities, known for their picturesque vineyards and sparkling white wines, also invite visitors to the "Fête de la Danse" in May. Bulgarian folk dances, hip-hop courses, a flash mob, or a silent party are looking to attract numerous spectators and dance enthusiasts. At other times of the year, things are a little more laid-back in Rolle and Morges on the shores of Lake Geneva. Historic old-town houses, a flower-fringed lakeside promenade, and the Geneva shipping company's Belle Époque paddle steamers even evoke a touch of nostalgia.

Cultural tour through a renowned university town
Anyone entering the Abbey Library of Saint Gall for the first time will also feel nostalgic. The century-old writings and frescoes lined with stucco work bear witness to times long past. In general, the capital of eastern Switzerland has much more to offer than universities and soccer. It is just as multifaceted as the dance offerings that fill the streets and cultural centers with life in May. A Swing soirée, breakdance battles, introductory ballet lessons, and flamenco classes leave nothing to be desired. Our LaVolante is the ideal companion for city strolls and lively dance evenings. And once you're tired, treat your feet to a little cooling off in the Three Ponds. The banks of the unique natural swimming pool are the ideal place to unwind after an eventful day.

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