5th stage - From Chiemsee in the Alps to the Bavarian capital Munich

Finally, we can be glad that the extraordinary stop has had an end, the borders will open and every globe-trotter is looking forward joyfully. Now, it means to pack the suitcase and to intensively pursue the pent up wanderlust.

But, we start slowly. The newly gained peace is too good, than we will immediately enter into the fray. The Pack Easy bird of passage knows the ideal way back into life of discovery and leads us to the start in the Bavarian Alps at the idyllic Chiemsee.

The third biggest lake of Germany has not got for nothing the name "Bavarian Sea". Especially at dawn, when the sun illuminates the impressive panorama of the alps and the surface of the lake still shimmers glassy, then sentiments of vacations are stirred up.

Where Bavaria is most beautiful

Not only at its shores, but also on the Chiemsee there are many things to discover. The three islands of the municipality of Chiemsee of which people are saying that they belong to the most beautiful places of the region. The Herrebinsel is the biggest one. It is a car-free island where during summer horse drawn-carriages circulate between the ship's mooring and the castle Herrenchiemsee, a small copy of the Castle of Versailles and built by the king Ludwig II.

Nearby is the uninhabited Krautinsel. In the Middle Age's , vegetables and herbs have been cultivated and until today it is used during summer as cattle pasture.

The third island is inhabited the whole year, the Fraueninsel is as well car-free and we will stay some time on this idyllic island.


The convent island with an artistic air

The Fraueninsel belongs to our preferred places in the surrounding area of Munich. Here live about 250 persons, mainly nuns, artists and fishers, who participate with her life style and profession to the extraordinary flair of the historical island. The centre is the Convent of the Benedictines Frauenwörth with its symbol, the bell tower nearby the convent. The circular path of 1.7 kilometres of the island leads you through the convent's garden, along with flowers decorated houses, the town hall with its hipped roof, small art studios, the potter's workshop, a studio producing ceramics and three idyllic restaurants, which offer fresh fish specialities as the local Renke of the Chiemsee.


«Sundownen» by day and night

Picture: © www.sundownerbar.de

Back to the shores, we are looking forward to think about all the impressions of the day and to finish the mild summer evening with a fresh drink. For this, there is no nicer place than the Sundowner beach bar of the Chiemgauhof in Übersee. The landing stage, the sandy beach in its natural stage, the bar or the different wooden decks offer enough places for cosy and pleasant get-togethers. Candle lights, fire bowls and torches are bathing the bar even after sunset in a golden light and form the ideal scenery for relaxing.



Out of old, make new

Picture: © www.lieblingsteil.me

Now we will leave the Chiemsee in the western direction and stop after a short travel at new shores. Nearby the Simssee you will find an enchanted art nouveau mansion, whose historical appearance is in good contrast to the innovative ideas of its inhabitant. The mansion is the working place of the label "Lieblingsteil-Upcycling Fashion". The creator, Gudrun Weber, in her nice workshop has devoted herself totally to the "Upcycling". Her passion is to work with high quality materials. Out of old favourite pieces, she is creating new ones and is putting all on sustainability. So, for example, a pair of old jeans will serve to make a casual Dirndl and out of remnants the matching apron. Gudrun's richness of ideas and her flexibility have been decisive that she was one of the first in Bavaria to let sew masks out of cotton and linen, which have been given as well as sold.



The gourmets' capital Munich

Now we will leave the mountains and lakes behind us and follow the bird of passage to the destination of our trip. The Bavarian capital Munich has much more to offer as is usually known over the borders. Because aside the annual "Oktoberfest", the historical town hall with its extraordinary carillon and the beloved Marienplatz, Munich is above all green! Spacious parks, gardens full of flowers and castles surrounded by magnificent parks alternate with quiet Biergärten and form this way a lot of small and large oases within the bustling activities of a big town. Here, hopefully, under a blue sky and shady chestnut trees youngsters and seniors meet for a cosy and social get-together.

The tradition of the Biergarten belongs to Munich as the Eiffel Tower to Paris. But the innovative Gastro-Scenery is again surprising with unique offers and ideas.


Delight and pleasure from morning till night

Picture: ©  www.seitnerhof.de

At the Seitner Hof in Pullach one feels oneself immediately like at home. The charming manor is an absolute secrete tip among natives of Munich. Here, outside the city gates and far away of the hectic activities of the town, one likes to take a break. Above all is a summer breakfast on the nice garden terrace. The Seitner Hof is not only inviting hotel guests but also tourists with reservation to this rich breakfast buffet offering regional delicious Bio-specialities.



Ahoi! And ready to new adventures

Picture: © www.alte-utting.de

Slowly, our trip goes to an end. It is time to think again about all we have seen and experienced and during a moment of dolce far niente to dream of further adventures. For this moment there is no better place in Munich than the Alte-Utting.

The former pleasure boat transferred in the fifties innumerable passengers over the Ammersee, until in 2017 it was saved from being scrapped and was changed into a cultural meeting place. Today the impressive boat is installed on the train bridge between the big market and the abattoir. Here it has Live Music, good food, art and culture in an extraordinary atmosphere - urbane and worldwide at the same time!