Homage to the teeth of efficiency - 100 years of zippers

Qualitäts-Reissverschluss RiRi für Swiss Made Ledertaschen

The zipper - who invented it?

You probably use it every day: the zipper on your clothes, shoes and, of course, to securely close your ladies' bag or trolley.

100 years of security and efficiency - and who invented it? Swiss functionality has become an integral part of our daily lives.

The Solothurn engineer Simon Frey invented a zipper prototype even before the First World War. He was inspired by circus performers who had to change in seconds between their acts. However, no one in Europe recognized the enormous benefits of this and so no one with sufficient financial clout was willing to register the invention for a patent. It was not until years later - in 1923 - that another Swiss man acquired the patent for Europe and developed the idea further for series production. This is how the RiRi company came into being, which still manufactures luxury fasteners for quality products today.

Only the best quality for our handbags

In the production of our Swiss Made bags, we only use the luxurious Swiss "RiRi" zipper to ensure the highest quality right down to the closure.

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Our suitcases also guarantee safety and reliability

Today, the 13 billion zipper market is dominated by China and Japan. The world's largest player "YKK" has been supplying us with top products since the beginning to close the majority of our luggage, securely and reliably, tooth by tooth.

We can rely on our products and this is also thanks to a secure closure. A big thank you at this point to the inventors who make life easier for us all.

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This video gives you a small insight into the high-quality manual work that goes into the production of our Swiss Made bags in the Ticino manufactory. From the pattern to the insertion of the zipper to the final quality check.