Mik's nostalgic flight - The Swiss luggage manufacturer since 1961

This year again, I am happy that I, Mik the PACK EASY bird, can inspire you with interesting newsletters every month. This time, I will take off with a brief look back into the history of PACK EASY, THE Swiss luggage manufacturer. As a traditional Swiss company, we strive for quality, innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship for our functional, high-quality and intelligent luggage solutions.

Sustainability is more than a production issue to us. Damaged suitcases will not just be discarded – we repair your entire travel luggage quickly and ecologically and thus offer Swiss service orientation as logistics partner and suitcase clinic. Even irreparable suitcases that would normally be thrown away are dismantled into individual parts and reused in repairs.

High-quality leather goods manufactured in Switzerland and individualized products from our innovative think tank define our sustainable craftsmanship. A long-time guarantee for your PACK EASY products is equally obviously for us. 

Our partners trust in their Swiss luggage manufacturer. We are represented at the top sports events. Athletes and teams are en route with specially produced collections. The cabin crew of airlines such as Swiss and Edelweiss travel the world with PACK EASY trolleys. In addition, even the Swiss Parliament in Bern or the famous private jet manufacturer “Pilatus” count on Swiss Travel Solutions. 

I am excited to spread my wings even further in the future and achieve new partnerships.