What makes a Swiss luggage so special?

Switzerland is a tourist destination. Most people associate this beautiful country in the heart of Europe with chocolate, mountains and cheese. More and more tourists don't want to miss the diversity of Switzerland and travel our country with bag and baggage and lots of anticipation. In addition to wonderful landscapes, we can also convince internationally with Swiss design, quality and innovation. For this report, as Mik from PACK EASY, the Swiss luggage manufacturer, I took a look at the world of Swiss luggage and looked at what is on the market in Switzerland with regard to innovative luggage and travel gadgets. So, let yourself be inspired by Switzerland as a travel destination.

The range of Swiss luggage and suitcases available in Switzerland is large. You will find national and international brands of luggage manufacturers in every major shopping center, in specialty shops or you can have the appropriate suitcase delivered to your home conveniently by shopping online. But once you have the huge selection in front of you, a decision is not always easy. Size, shape, appearance, functionality, weight - the criteria are diverse and depend on personal preferences and travel style or destination. Read here (Link SEO April) what it comes down to when buying a suitcase and what the advantages of a trolley are. But today we are talking about Swiss luggage, about Swiss design and innovation.

As a traditional Swiss company, PACK EASY started producing suitcases in Switzerland almost 60 years ago and revolutionized the luggage market with Swiss innovation. At that time, in 1961, around 150 employees worked in the production plant in Central Switzerland, where everything had begun with the patenting of the aluminium frame. The entire suitcase production was under one roof and the pioneering development of the aluminium frame, which made lighter and more durable Swiss luggage possible, spurred on the travel enthusiasts from all over the world and thus laid the foundation for innovative, high-quality Swiss products, which quickly found recognition outside Switzerland thanks to passion, expertise and commitment. Then as now PACK EASY developed Swiss luggage with innovative designs and new materials. The trolleys can be purchased in Switzerland and all over the world. If you are interested in Swiss luggage in and from Switzerland, I look forward to your visit to one of the PACK EASY boutiques in Central Switzerland in Emmen or on top of Bürgenstock. You can also find the high-quality luggage solutions at other points of sale or online in the web shop.

At PACK EASY, we live the philosophy of Swiss Travel Solutions: The product and design development of the Swiss luggage takes place in Switzerland and we strive to inspire and more than satisfy all our customers who enjoy traveling thanks to an all-round service. We always put our heart and soul into developing new ideas, developing prototypes on 3D printers, working closely and intensively with industrial designers, engineers, graphic designers, materials specialists and product managers to offer our customers highly functional, high-quality and exclusive Swiss luggage.

Of course, we also expand our wings further and look at what is happening in the Swiss luggage market, what novelties are in fashion and always focus on the wishes and needs of our customers. There are constantly new technologies and products that shake up the luggage market. I have put together a list of some exciting and innovative travel gadgets and suitcases, not all of which were designed and developed in Switzerland, but all of which are available here and complement the Swiss luggage theme.

In times of autonomous driving and robotics, the suitcase from San Francisco-based Travelmate Robotics shows how the latest technologies can be used in the most innovative way in the luggage industry. The fully autonomous suitcase follows its owner at every turn thanks to the built-in GPS chip. The sensors ensure that it skillfully avoids obstacles and the location of the suitcase can be tracked at any time using the connection via a smartphone app. Already today, the suitcase robot can be controlled by voice and gestures, and in the future the trolley should even be able to book hotel rooms or flights independently thanks to the built-in digital voice assistant.

Equipped with useful technology are trolleys with integrated USB charger and power banks. This way you can charge your smartphone, laptop or camera at any time while travelling and don't risk suddenly being without a battery if there is no power socket nearby. A few guys from Switzerland have developed a similar idea. With sakku they design and produce Swiss solar backpacks and bags thanks to crowdfunding. The solar panel is mounted on the outside so that the smartphone or other mobile devices can be recharged with solar energy generated by the user at any time while on the go.

Another practical accessory when travelling is the smart tracker Chipolo, an intelligent tag for keys, bags, cameras or even your Swiss luggage. Chipolo works via Bluetooth and Social GPS, which allows objects to be located at any time, and lost valuables marked in the app trigger an e-mail as soon as someone else with a Chipolo passes by this object. Thanks to the innovation, you save valuable time when searching for objects and always have the certainty of tracking your trolley or backpack while travelling. Just let the tag ring via the app and you'll hear where the item you're looking for is or look on the map to see where the Chipolo tag was last connected.

There is nothing more unpleasant on a journey than losing your luggage or even worse if something is stolen from your checked-in suitcase. That's why most suitcases today are equipped with a TSA lock. But AirBolt goes one step further and promises to be the smartest and safest smart lock. It doesn't require a key or numeric code, but is connected to your smartphone. The lock on your suitcase can be locked and unlocked easily using an app and Bluetooth connection. In addition, thanks to the tracking function, you can always keep track of where your luggage is and are notified by an alarm as soon as your suitcase or backpack moves.

Let's move on from technology-driven innovations and take a look at PACK EASY's Suit Bag (Link). The product was designed in Switzerland and can be seen as an example for the innovative market of Swiss luggage solutions. The double-fold Suit Bag has various inside and outside pockets and offers space for two men's suits. In addition to the handle, the bag can be carried comfortably over the shoulders thanks to the shoulder strap so that you have your hands free for additional luggage. The innovative Suit Bag convinces with functionality and elegance and ensures that your suits and shirts remain wrinkle-free on your business trips while you are stylishly on the move. Let's stay with Switzerland's innovative travel companions and Swiss luggage. An ideal addition to the Suit Bag are the Bag in BagShirt and Tie Bag from PACK EASY (Link), which bring your business clothing wrinkle-free to your destination and are the perfect insert for your Swiss luggage. And if you're less traveling for business and more leisure, it's worth investing in the Bag in Bag Pouches (Link), travel bags in various sizes, where items of clothing or underwear are stored neatly and space-savingly in their trolley.

Finally, we take a look at the future of innovative luggage not only Swiss, but worldwide. The international airline association IATA has set itself the goal that by 2023 almost all suitcases will be equipped with an RFID chip. This should greatly reduce the number of lost luggage items. Airlines worldwide lose millions of their passengers' suitcases and trolleys every year. In future, the RFID chips will be integrated into the band with a barcode, which will then be scanned, registered and traceable by readers on the baggage carousel, in the baggage halls and during transport throughout the entire journey. The idea can be rolled out further by allowing passengers to track where their suitcases are via apps, or by reusable personal RFID tags that anyone can affix to their luggage themselves before traveling.

As you can see, the innovative power in the suitcase market is great and Swiss luggage can play a leading role. I wish you an inspiring search for your suitable Swiss luggage from this innovative country.